Best afterwork-spots around Azca area

Best afterwork-spots around Azca area

Times flies for everyone and fashions change. Even the most rooted traditions of our Mediterranean culture like “tapas” and beers after a long working-day. This habit so widespread in our culture is making way for a new style, afterworking. After-work is nothing more than going with your coworkers to have a drink at the end of the working day, in order to socialize, get to know each other more and even boost the creativity of common projects.

Philosophy is the same, but the concept has been updated, changing from old taverns to more sophisticated environments. There places decorated with modern industry-style and offering a long cocktails and gin-tonics menu, are strategically located at the most valued districts in the city, also where business centres are.

After-work drinks help to socialize with colleagues and boost the creativity of common projects”

So, if you still want to be the cool one in the office, you have to get to know all these places more popular where to socialize before going back home for dinner. We proposed you a list of the most trendy afterworks in Castellana area, close by our unique Azca business center.

What are the best afterworks in the Madrid Azca area?

1 > Brôker: Castellana con General Perón, 40

To begin your afterwork route through Azca, we recommend a stop at this busy afterwork, where you can enjoy great gin tonics and deluxe snacks with your drink at the most competitive prices. Its original structure of light bulbs and the delights of its international cuisine are all a hook. In addition, you can rub shoulders with exceptional guests, as companies and media such as Grazia magazine have already chosen this place to celebrate some of their events.

2 > Stop Madrid Afterwork: Alberto de Alcocer, 32

If you are one of those who like to disconnect after the workday, Stop Madrid Afterwork is a mandatory stop. In this traditional place you can enjoy the best company and taste a wide range of tapas accompanied by a wide variety of wines or beers. If you are one of those who prefer to avoid work with a cocktail, Stop Madrid is also your place.

3 > Calista: Castellana, 95

This After-work place in the Azca area of ​​Madrid goes beyond the usual concept and offers a universe of sensations. The kitchen, open all day, offers very varied and elaborate dishes, ranging from salads, skewers, tacos or hamburgers to Japanese cuisine. Its large circular bar creates a very casual atmosphere and is perfect to share drinks with your colleagues.

4 > La Villana Gin & Cocktail Room: Padre Damián, 37

Right in Chamartín, we find La Villana Gin & Cocktail Room, a benchmark to enjoy a good cocktail with the office colleagues. The strong point of this place is the retrospective to the most cosmopolitan cities through gastronomy. Therefore, innovation is the best of La Villana, which renews its menu every three months. In addition, if you cannot resist a refreshing and digestive gin tonic, its wide range of brands in the form of a periodic table will help you find your perfect drink.

5 > Workshop del Cacique: Padre Damián, 21

To end with, we recommend you not to miss the fusion of Mediterranean and Argentinean gastronomy which Workshop del Cacique bets for. This place is perfect to enjoy After-work drinks thanks to the huge bar, which captures all the attention. Mojitos are one of their specialties. So seize and enjoy the live music of this place while you share your leisure time with your coworkers.

As a result, if you work in the Azca area of ​​Madrid, here you have a place to enjoy After-work drinks every day of the week.

The day is too long for those who don’t know how to appreciate and use.


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