Best business ideas for Start-ups in 2018

Best business ideas for Start-ups in 2018

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur, it’s even likely that you have also thought about that possibility. Maybe you have not decided yet one of the infinity business ideas that exist and you doubt about what to choose.

The most important thing to get started in the adventure of entrepreneurship is to do what you like and take into account your skills when choosing a niche market to be able to use them successfully. In this post we propose some ideal works according to your personality.

“It is important to start from a solid idea and set clear objectives when starting your own business”

Don’t you know where to start? If you are thinking about starting your own business venture, get inspired by these 7 successful business ideas for 2018:

7 profitable businesses for a start-ups in 2018

Food Truck

These mobile restaurants originated in the United Kingdom, but in a short time the concept spread throughout the world. In Spain it has become a boom, filling the streets with festivals and food fairs in many cities. Food Trucks are fun caravans that offer street food from different countries because, inside, they are equipped as authentic restaurant kitchens. In this business priority is given to quality, design and innovation in products. A good example of them is the Street Food Madrid association, formed by professionals from the gastronomic sector, whose objective is to promote talent and creativity by promoting entrepreneurship. This 2018 is a good time to start in this business on wheels, go ahead!

App development

To carry out this business idea you don’t need to be an expert in computer science, you can simply be the creator of the idea and hire a programmer to materialize it. It is not necessary that the purpose of the app is to sell a product or service, but the key is to make life easier for users. Take a look at the Neoattack application development company that has achieved success based on innovation, utility and adaptation of their projects.


If you’re good at languages… you’re very lucky! There are multiple business ideas. Today knowing languages is a fundamental requirement when accessing most jobs and, therefore, the learning offer is increasing. We recommend spending a season abroad to learn a language, but not everyone can afford it because of work or economic reasons. The possibilities of learning languages have multiplied thanks to the Internet and the latest trend is to receive or teach classes via Skype, breaking all demographic barriers and allowing classes from your own workspace. With a camera, a microphone and headphones … you’re ready for the video call. Join the community of Skype teachers in the Classroom, the most innovative learning system.

Event planning

This business idea is one of the most demanded in recent years. It is increasingly common to resort to companies that are dedicated to the planning, execution and monitoring of events. Figures such as the wedding planner focus on meeting the needs of their clients so that they do not go through stress situations when organizing such a special day. The International School of Protocol (EIP) is one of the best schools where you can train in the field of organizing events and get into a business where there will always be demand.


It’s a fact that the way of consuming has changed in recent times.  Nowadays we have become very hard to please when demanding products and we stay on top of all the latest trends.  The specialised coffee sector hasn’t gone unnoticed, because we don´t conform to just any coffee. People now order it looking for certain characteristics and more and more coffee shops are offering different varieties in order to satisfy customer needs. Companies such as Toma Café can provide you with inspiration and even training to become a specialist.

Flexible Workspaces

Another business model on the rise, which is making more and more companies decide to move their team to these kinds of workspaces. The key is in the flexibility that is offered and the originality of the environments. You can take a look at some of the workspaces with Lexington offer in Madrid, business centres locates in Cuzco y Azca (In the heart of Paseo de la Castellana) and where more than 40% of the space is dedicated to building a community.


A new way of paying which will prevail in 2018 is with crypto coins. So much so, that the businesses which don’t offer Bitcoins as a payment method are going to be excluded from the market.

Therefore this year investing and saving Bitcoins could be a profitable business. It doesn’t matter if you´re an expert or not, the educational platform UniMOOC will provide you with all the tools and possibilities for the new virtual coin, which is here to stay

5 Essential pieces of advice if you´re going to start a business.

You already know what your start-up will be? Before starting your project, whatever your idea may be it´s important to take into account these 5 steps to avoid errors.

  • Believe in what you do: It’s the best way to guarantee the success of your business, Go for it!
  • Investigate the market: market research is fundamental when planning your business, taking into account the competition and who your product is directed to.
  • Define your target market: The more you can define your target market the better you will guide your strategies to achieve success in terms of their characteristics and interests.
  • Create a promotion strategy: This piece of advice is very similar to the above bullet point, because the more you know your target market the easier it will be for you to choose how to promote your business effectively and reach them
  • Have economic control of your business: Carry out a test period and create and averages for the expenses and income of the business, this will allow you to see if your business really is being efficient.

If you already have your business idea for 2018, all that’s left to do is turn it into a real business. The first step is choosing where you´re going to do this and in Lexington we can help you find a workspace to start up your business in our centres in Madrid and Barcelona

 ‘’The biggest failure is to have never tried’’

Chinese Proverb

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