TOP 6 Business Trends for 2018

TOP 6 Business Trends for 2018

 With the beginning of the year we already start to shuffle the different business trends for 2018: from new ways to manage customer service to new models related to cybersecurity or bitcoins.

If you want to know more, scroll this post and discover six new business trends which are going to be the key in companies during this year, let’s introduce them to you!

Bots & customer service:

Bots are future customer service, this technology of artificial intelligence is able to learn from conversations and give answer to customers independent and automatically. However, the biggest disadvantage is that there’s still a long way to cross until develop this technology at all. Keep the attention!

➢ Cybersecurity:

For some time from now, cybersecurity has been a topic of conversation in millions of corporate meeting rooms, and the concern for the security of corporate data is more than real. This trend is also reinforced by the new European regulation that will come into force during this 2018, and which will oblige all companies to establish cybersecurity as a priority.

3D Print, undertake 3D:

3D printers are gradually entering the different sectors, although at a slower rate than expected due to its high price.

In 2018 will appear new typologies of 3D printing machines, more affordable, with which it is intended to open market and continue with growth.


In 2017 we met the 10 Spanish fintech influencers, and we have also witnessed the evolution of this new sector: companies in the financial sector that take advantage of technological innovations to adapt to the digital environment. By 2018, this sector will continue advancing by leaps and bounds with figures such as those of the ‘Robo-advisors’, advisors or robotic advisors who will indicate where you have to invest the money.

➢ Collaborative economy:

It´s a growing business trend and, according to PWC, the collaborative economy will surpass 15,000 million euros in 2018 and 335,000 million in 2025, incredible isn’t it?

Although it’s true that this kind of business involves some legal problems, the trend shows that in the coming years they will mature and reach more parts of the world and sectors. So, if you are thinking of starting or introducing yourself in a new business sector, the collaborative economy may be an opportunity for your business, right?


Virtual currencies are undoubtedly one of the business trends that will be the most talked about during this 2018, and in 2017 they have become popular with the already known Bitcoin or Ethereum. So, if you are interested in investing in some online business, pay attention to the opportunity offered by cryptocurrency 😉

 “No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or “get rich” in business by being a conformist.”

 Paul Getty


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