What is the profile of the Spanish entrepreneur?

What is the profile of the Spanish entrepreneur?

Do you think the Spanish entrepreneurial profile has changed or somehow evolved in the last years? The answer to this question is: NO. It remains quite similar to how it was 5 years ago. Read carefully this post, as we are going to define the radiography that puts on the table the standard profile of those who are diving into the entrepreneurial sector in our country.

Entrepreneurial profile in Spain

As it came from the Map of entrepreneurship in Spain presented in 2014 by the South Summit (the meeting of entrepreneurs, investors and large companies) and the Map of the entrepreneur presented at the celebration of the South Summit during October, most of the entrepreneurs are men with university studies, between 35 and 44 years old, and although the ecosystem is currently  more established than in 2014, one of the main requests of entrepreneurs is still an improvement in taxation.

One of the main requests of entrepreneurs is still an improvement in taxation.

If we take as a reference the data of the participants in the Startup Competition that took place in the South Summit of this 2019, which can provide a close vision to reality, we can conclude that the ecosystem is growing and consolidating: the proof is that there are currently bigger startups in Spain, specifically by 23%, which shows the maturity of the sector.

The services provided to companies such as financial, marketing and advertising are the main sectors where the 34% of Spanish entrepreneurs are betting on, followed by the companies dedicated to the Internet and web services, with a 33%.

Fintech, marketing and advertising are the main sectors who bet 34% of Spanish entrepreneurs

However and despite the undeniable contribution of these companies to the generation of new jobs,  funding continuesto be a pending issue for most entrepreneurs, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, who only uses bank credits 7% of the times, opposite to the 77% who starts his business with his own resources and the 27% who seek familiar help.

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosvelt

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