How to reflect your business corporate identity in your office?

How to reflect your business corporate identity in your office?

Is your corporate image a reflection of what you want your company to be associated with? This is one of the questions that many of business leaders make to themselves at some point in their lives. So, at that time, do a study of your corporate image and think  whether what your business is showing at that moment is exactly what you want your clients, employees or users think about it.

Knowing how to reflect the best corporate image is essential to be visually differentiated from the competitors, however, it is not always easy

It is true that the image transmitted outside the door is essential to be visually differentiated from the competitors, however, knowing how to reflect it properly is not an easy task. Paying attention to those little internal factors like layout, furniture, colours, design and decoration, among other things, is essential. Because a great part of the external image of your company is a reflection of the internal side, this is to say, of the office.

Working in an office adapted to the personality of the company and which conveys its values, increases the trust in the brand

So, these are some of the keys to have a working space adapted to the personality of each company and which represents its values both for improving the image and increasing the confidence in the brand:

  • It is important to focus on the distribution and design of the furniture as it is the main part of the combination of elements which make up the office. Depending on the shape, size, materials and colours of the furniture, you will be transmitting one thing or another, so try to be always linked to the values of the company.
  • In addition, furniture is linked to decoration, which must respect the colours of the logo. Light must also be treated to obtain the best content-container contrast and, at the same time, inspire harmony to the whole room. The choice of good decorative “ingredients” may create a proper atmosphere which also serves when closing a window.
  • Flags or posters on the walls, general directories at the entrance or the signalling of every single area at your office are perfect elements to reflect your corporate identity providing information and strengthening the visibility of your brand.
  • Another way to reflect your business corporate identity is creating adapted office supplies like folders, envelopes, notepads, pens, covers, mouse pads or even including the image on the wallpapers of the computers.
  • It is essential to have a corporate identity handbook which contains all the guidelines properly in order to make the whole team respect the established criteria.

In  Lexington  we offer flexible offices adapted to the rhythms of every company, unique spaces full of personality which make the difference as well as common areas and coffee points where your employees will be able to rest and relax any time. Get to know us!

“If you are looking for different results, do not do the same”,

Albert Einstein

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