How will the Internet of Things change our life?

How will the Internet of Things change our life?

To give life to inanimate objects is one of the great obsessions of inventors and Scientifics, to whom we owe the majority of advances that have led us to the actual Internet of Things (LOT), which has transformed completely our lifestyle, and the way we relate to the world around us.

LOT is based on the hiperconnectivity, that is, the connection of different objects or devices among them, thanks to an IP, an Internet address that allows the interchange of data among them via Bluetooth, wifi, 3G, etc. and therefore the M2M communication (Machine to Machine)

The domotic systems that enable you to control remotely the air conditioning and the lights of a house, turn off the cooking fires, lower the blinds or that the refrigerator updates our shopping list, have also its application on the business field, optimizing the energetic resources of the offices of great companies.

But besides, the LOT with its objects and devices always connected has made the traditional business models progress to more open and collaborative ones, which use new technologies

to offer the user an added value. We find a clear example in approaches such as the one of the company leader in automation technologies and of the ABB automatization which is studying the possibility of connecting intelligent devices to a social network, sharing the users ‘  and technicians’ experiences to solve in a fast and precise way any kind of incidences and repairs.

Without any doubt, it is a developing field that in the following years will generate businesses valued in huge amounts of money, with applications that go from the health service or automation, to logistics and security, with so striking uses as the one of the television series  12 monkeys, issued by SyFy channel, that allows control the lights of spectators through a cell phone application connected to the light bulbs of their houses to achieve a stronger experience.

Another interesting proposal comes from Amazon, who has created small buttons that can be installed in any corner to update the order of different products. Each button is associated to a concrete product and it is connected by wifi to the Amazon account of the user, where you can configure the quantity and the type of product you want to buy. For the moment, the dash buttons are in its testing phases to a select group of American users, with a list of 250 products of 18 companies. It is a great advance for the office managers of the companies who will be able to update their orders in only one click.


Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds

Graham Bell

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