Lexington at the XV Business Centers National Congress

Lexington at the XV Business Centers National Congress

Like every year, Lexington has taken part in the XV Business Centers National Congress, celebrated in Barcelona, October 17th . Many interesting industry-related topics have been discussed, some of those pretty relevant, such as the process of Business Centers Categorizing and Certification. It is important to mention that Spain is the country leading this initiative together with the International Certification firm TUVRheiland.

This project’s main aim is to offer the highest guarantee to Business Centers customers. Companies providing BusinessCenter’s services should comply with several required standards to be considered a proper BusinessCenter, avoiding this way unauthorized practice of the profession. Complementary an on-going improvement tool will be put in place, so every other year each BusinessCenter would have to pass audit processes fulfilling the requirements. No doubt this will raise the quality offered to the user as well as it will strengthen the sector.

TUVRheiland and the National Business Center Association are working together on developing a classification system, similar to the star system on hotels. This way the customer would easily identify the different proposals offered in the market, improving their purchasing experience.

This Project is being looked up very closely by National Associations from other countries, considering much necessary to take this step into the professionalization of this market sector.  At the end of the process, every business center getting a certification, they would be identify with an “e” as excellent and efficient.

The rest of papers presented by high-level professionals, started by Hauke Haas, MatchOffice CEO (one of the most relevant business center brokers), shared very interested data such as the worldwide sector growth being 5-6%, 1-people being the most requested office type with a 32% of the total, althought 5-to-9-people office add already 11,4% of the share and 10-people office requests keep growing. In terms of period of time, one-year-contract is the most common with 22% of the total.

Colt Telecom, a leading IT telecom, presented the cloud products evolution offered to business centers’ customers. Laura Cantizano taught us how to sell in 59 seconds and Montse Peñarroya, 3iSIC Director, talked about the importance of social media in our world, and therefore in our business.


It was definitely a very productive conference, full of memorable moments surrounded by colleagues from the sector. We have confidence in a growing sector where Lexington wants to keep working hard to maintain its position as a one of the leaders complying with its management strategy focused on high-quality and expansion. 

David Vega

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