Lexington in the XVI National Congress of Business Centres

Lexington in the XVI National Congress of Business Centres

In Lexington we care about the quality and satisfaction of our customers, so we are always in search of the latest developments in the sector in order to improve our services. That is why, last October 16, participated in the XVI National Congress of the Spanish Association of business centres (ACN) held in Torre Espacio building.

The National Congress of business centres, which brings together leaders of the world of business and business centres, is considered the most important annual event, and aims to provide agencies and institutions, business men and women and business centres professionals all developments in the sector and ensure the good management and daily work of business centres.

In this sense, it was our pleasure to participate and share experiences with other guests. Also, as associated with the ACN, we put at it disposal our business centre Lexington Azca, for attendees to visit our facilities the day before the event.

During the event, we heard interesting presentations about the need for a business support and pro-activity in business centres with customers, the importance of listening to the public for a good social media strategy, the worldwide situation of business centres and the need of categorizing centres integrated into the project “Certification and Categorization of Business Centres’ conducted by CAN.

This project is inspired by one of the slogans of this year, ‘Put your stars to shine.” This project refers to a star system, similar to the hospitality industry, that allows to unify the quality classification of business centres members.

‘Be proud of your office’ was other of the summit mottos of the Congress, and it is referred  to the website ‘rooms and offices’, where all the business centres which are part of ACN project are collected. This is a window for possible clients. .

In short, in Lexington we are delighted to have attended the Sixteenth National Congress of business centres, where we had the opportunity to talk with industry benchmark and share the day, not just during the presentations, but also in lunches that the Association organized brilliantly. All in order to improve services to our customers.

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