With the aim of reducing the energy consumption and the carbon footprint, in Lexington we are implementing a model of energy efficiency in all our centers whose main purpose is turn them into completely environmentally-friendly spaces.

Our new model will be gradually implemented in the different business centers in several phases. First of all, the lighting system will be completely remodelled. The new system, besides reducing the ecologic footprint that will avoid the C02 emission equivalent to the growing of 1.301 trees, will increase the level and quality of the light.  In addition, this first phase also includes a complete remodellation of the electrical supplying and the monitoring systems.

Therefore, the actions that will be implemented during this first phase are:

  • In the lighting area, we will install LED illumination systems and presence detection devices. We will also separate the lighting circuits already installed.
  • The electric optimization area analyzes the consumption patterns of each center during the last year and optimizes the contract parameters depending on the consumption of each of them. In addition, operating reactive power compensation equipments will be installed to eliminate this consume.
  • A tracking software will be installed in the monitoring area to enable the analysis of the consumption of each centre in a separated way with normal values.

This project of energy efficiency began in Lexington Business Centre of La Moraleja (Madrid), whose lighting, supplying and monitoring electric systems were completely remodelled. Nowadays, the implementation of the new model is already finished in the business centre of Orense and we also expect it to be applied in Barcelona in one or two weeks. After these changes, three of our five business centers in Spain will have the first phase of this model completely implemented.

Finally, we wish to emphasize that all of these procedures are part of a first phase in which the most efficient measures have been prioritized. Lexington’s aim is to work in following phases of the project until embracing all the consumption areas, contributing to create a more environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

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