Top 10 influencers of the entrepreneurial world in Spain

Top 10 influencers of the entrepreneurial world in Spain

Talent and much charisma. That is the common denominator of Spanish entrepreneurs who have become, in recent times, great influencers. The figure of the influential entrepreneur is key and fundamental in business, since through it we can know better the working world in which we enter. For this reason and in order to have a reference for your business. In this post, we present you the top 10 influencers in Spain in entrepreneurship. Know them!

Influencers in entrepreneurship in Spain

  • Gemma Muñoz

This entrepreneur was appointed in 2012 as one of the 100 leader women in Spain in the category of Entrepreneurs and Innovators by Mujeres&Cia. She is co-founder and CEO of The art of measure, partner of KSchool and has been the only woman finalist in 2011 of the international award of Web Excellence Analytics Rising Star, granted by Analytics Association Web. In addition, she is the director of the first Master in Spanish of Digital Analytics

If you love web analytics, you must visit her blog Where is Ayinash when needed?

  • Albert Cañigueral

He’s the founder of Consumo Colaborativo and Connector of Ouishare. He is considered as a referent within the world of collaborative economy, a sector that during the last years is increasing its presence in the national business environment, because of the different initiatives that are raised to satisfy the needs of the actual clients. Therefore, in addition to teaching and lecturing, he serves as a consultant for startups, companies and administrations to establish his strategy of adaptation to the collaborative revolution.

  • Carlos Blanco

This Spanish influencer is characterized by a 100% entrepreneurial attitude. He is co-founder and CEO of Nuclio Venture Builder and of Conector Startup Accelerator. His blog and his book “The main mistakes of entrepreneurs” are a benchmark in the sector

 In 2012 and 2013 he was elected as one of the 500 hundred people more influential in Spain by El Mundo newspaper and in 2014 he received the recognition of the Best Entrepreneur in 2014 by Pyme awards which are organized by Expansión and Ifema. AEBAN also recognized him the same year as the best Business Angel.

The startup accelerator promoted by Carlos Blanco, Conector Spain, selects ever year startups with great potential of growth, and in 2016, he chose Lexington Business Centers to develop his ideas in unique and personality environments.

  • Elena Gómez del Pozuelo

She is entrepreneur and investor in startups. Elena Gómez is President of Womenalia and of the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital), besides the founder of She is also a counselor at Incipy, Inesdi, Increnta, Brainsins, HallSt, Ludei, Clippingbook and Miximoms. Accumulate almost 30 years of experience transforming ideas into digital businesses that last over time.

  • Alex Puig

He is a young Catalan entrepreneur, organizer of Digital Currency Summit and CEO of Shtools, a tool that helps companies and persons to automatize the strategic management of social networks.

With the emergence of the Blockchain, Puig launches Caelum Labs, an organization with which they develop the best prototypes and ideas for companies and public administrations. In this way, they manage to solve problems, addressing the new challenges of the industry.

  • Javier Martín

He is one of the referents par excellence in the world of entrepreneurship in our country. It started more than 10 years ago with Loogic, the meeting point for entrepreneurs, startups and investors.

  • Ana Mª Llopis

Besides being the president of the supermarkets chain DIA, she is the founder and CEO of the net to share ideas, ideas4all. This space is a meeting point for collective innovation, creativity and creation. Added to this, it is worth mentioning that she is one of the most influential women on the Internet.

Special mention deserves his blog “Quatre mots”, in which he shares short stories, personal stories and almost real experiences that catch the reader

  • Emilio Márquez

He is Business Angel and entrepreneur from 1992 and founder of Network Activo, where professional and companies connect each other, for this is the pioner of the networking on Internet. Es videoblogger con su propio canal en Youtube y tiene un blog sobre emprendimiento e Internet.

Emilio Márquez is a specialist and a reference in connecting people, ideas and businesses. He is CEO at La Latina Valley and also a professor at Google Activate

  • Marta Esteve

She is one of the most influential Spanish women because of her business history on the Internet. She is founder of very famous companies such as TopRural, Rentalia and SoySuper. She is also an investment partner in Indexacapital, Vinoqusto, 11870 and FamiliaFacil.However, he has extensive experience in the environment of entrepreneurship and, therefore, always defends that the entrepreneur must think carefully about the value he wants to contribute to the client and the team that will accompany him in the adventure.

  • Pau García-Milá

Pau García is the showiest entrepreneur in our country, because being only 17 founded EveOs, a pioneer in the development of virtualization solutions in cloud computing. In 2014, the firm was sold to Telefónica, although in 2016 they decided to stop marketing the main product to invest the human factor and technological capabilities in new virtual sector projects.

So, if you are determined to undertake, here are the 10 mirrors to look at if you want your idea to achieve business success. Let nothing and no one stop you!

“The self-confidence is the first secret of success”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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