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It has been 35 years since the beginning of our journey in services for business and professional world, 35 years working hard trying to offer our clients the best. Thanks to the trust placed in us during nearly four decades, we keep on looking ahead with constant future plans.

What country comes to your mind when you think about great companies and successful businessmen? No wonder it is United States, isn’t it? This country concentrates a great percentage of the most valued enterprises in the world, thanks to its continuous interest in going a step further. In the late 60s this innate future vision made business centers emerge, providing enterprises with advantageous facilities.

“Businessmen know that locating their enterprise in a business center provides them with a flexible space and puts together a great range of services, paying only for what the enterprise consumes”

It was after a trip to United States when, a visionary man, José Manuel Vega, decided to be the pioneer who would bring business centers physically to Spain. Initially known as Warren Staff, the first Lexington business center was born in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid in 1981, marking the beginning of the business change in our country.

 At that time it was thought that property gave businessmen a more professional image and thus, renting offices would not transmit what businessmen wanted to make their clients feel.

“From that first day we keep on fighting for sharing our experience and philosophy with all the enterprises and professionals who want to be part of our big family”.

Despite the difficulties, the first shared offices started to be rented little by little and finally businessmen understood that locating their company in a business center provided them with a great flexible space and put together a wide range of services paying only for what their company consumed without having to contribute with a significant investment and being able to settle immediately.

It has been already 35 years since Lexington founder risked to go a step further in Spanish business world. 35 years being a reference in business centers, and from that first day we keep on fighting for sharing our essence and philosophy with all the companies and professionals who want to be part of our big family. We offer them a work without worries and complications in return, thanks to our integral service which let them only focus on achieving the success of their business.

Today, we can say with great conviction and illusion: 35 years are only the beginning. Let’s go on!


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