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We want to help you and offer you the solution that best suits your needs. Talk to us.

Are you bored of doing the same every day the whole year? Do you feel blocked in your job and do you think that your productivity has arrived at the limit? If you want to finish with that, the solution is to break with the routine. Follow these tips to knowing how to finish with it and how recharge your batteries every working day.

If you think that you are not so productive in your job as you were before, the moment of breaking with the routine and adding new habits in your day has arrived!

1. Adopt a receptive attitude

 First of all, you must think that if you want to change your work routine you need to adopt an attitude more receptive and proactive. Only with your interest and motivation you will get to break with the monotony.

2. Set yourself “mini” challenges every week

Full of emotions your work time and set weekly objectives and challenges, fight to get them! If you do not know how organize them, there are several apps that help you in an efficient way to manage your job. In this way, you will achieve a different and dynamic week and your productivity will increase.

3. Change your way of transport and the route

 If you usually go to work with your car or in bus, it is time to change! Choose a good bike or if the place is close, choose to walk to your office. With this method, you do not only do a little bit of (necessary) exercise every day but also you will arrive to your office more relaxed and clear-headed.

On the other hand, if you prefer to continue using the same way of transport, another option is  to change the route to arrive at the work, this will help you to know new places, because seeing ‘the same’ every day is boring and don’t let you to impulse your creativity and ideas.

4. ‘Coffee time’ will be your best ally

Spend more time in common areas like coffee points or rest rooms of your office and use them as meeting points to enjoy moments to disconnect and promote networking and teamwork.

The common areas promote networking, creativity and teamwork

5. Let yourself be guided by the instincts

It’s time to disconnect and give the way to your instincts. Sometimes, silence the  reason and listen to the hunch lets you to flow certain improvisations that will stimulate your motivation.

6. Go outside, breathe and recharge your batteries

In your break, take a tour around the outside of the office, stretch your legs, breathe new air and take energy to recharge your batteries and continue with the journey. Your body and your mind need it!

7. Stimulate your creativity

To promote the creativity in your work routine, you can write your ideas by hand, delete negative thoughts, adopt an entrepreneur attitude, give sometimes a rest to your computer or ask for feedback to your mates more often.

8. Don’t change your sleep routines

This is the only thing we don’t advise you to change: the time of bedtime and wake up each day. Experts recommend that to be more productive, we should set the same hours of going to bed each night and to wake up each morning. If you don’t do it, take note and… set the alarm clock!

‘’Routine is the habit of giving up thinking’’

José Ingenieros

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