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Can we have a meeting? If you are afraid a customer may ask this question, keep on reading.Business opportunities and commercial contacts arise easily in meetings. On the other hand, an ineffective meeting can be translated into a loss of time and money, as well as into a deterioration of your brand’s image.You may know some people with great social skills and special charisma, those people move naturally at gatherings, even among other people they have just met.  Others, on the contrary, suffer from lack of social skills. So, is there any technique that guarantees success in a professional meeting? The answer is yes it is: there are some helpful factors when preparing a meeting:

  • Don’t be afraid of looking ridiculous.  Stay confident when talking, this will help you to look professional and natural.
  • Carefully prepare the information you are going to share at the meeting. If it becomes more casual, you can have some moments of relax and spontaneity.
  • Previous to the meeting, draw an agenda and email it to your customer.
  • Always be on time. It is important to start punctually, but also to set an end-time for your meeting,
  • Be aware of your body language: welcome, eye-contact, posture … everything you express is relevant.
  • The place is also important. If you are going to be in a meeting-space, make sure everything has been put in order (do not forget that there is only one chance to make a first impression). If you are going to use technological devices, make sure that they are working correctly and try to be prepared for any eventuality; if there is going to be a videoconference, choose the proper space; if the there is going to be a regular meeting, check if you may need catering, translation, or any other services. For all these reason Lexington provides different types or meeting-spaces, so you can easily make a product-presentation, a master-class, job interviews, trade negotiations, or board meetings.
  • Make sure the attendants are exactly the people that “should be there”, no more, no less. It is important to optimize human resources.
  • Take notes so you can record any important things that are mentioned during the meeting.
  • Write down a summary of the meeting and email it your customer. This is the start-point for the next steps you can take.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”

(Henry Ford) 


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