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As labor flexibility grows and the possibilities of communications continue to facilitate rapid transfers between cities modern concepts that respond to new habits or lifestyles begin to emerge. In this occasion we present the bleisure:  the union between business and leisure or what is the same, business and leisure.

“The bleisure brings together business and leisure; and has come to deseazonalize tuorism and make it more profitable”

Traditional business trips have evolved and adapted to the new habits of workers who, in general enjoy traveling, and above all making the most of their leisure time For this reason it is increasingly easy to meet tourists who have just left a business meeting or a conference and stroll through museums attend concerts or wander around the city in their free time.

New trend = new spaces

The new trends always require new spaces that is why, the work centres have been transformed giving rise to new flexible spaces with infinite possibilities, such as the Lexington workspaces available to the most avant garde workers. Hotels are also focusing their facilities on these new tourists, prioritizing the versatility of their spaces and the freedom of access to the facilities.

Some bleisure destinations

Some cities have been able to put themselves ahead of the new trends and currently they position themselves as the favourite destinations in which to practice the bleisure.

1. London

The United Kingdom offers very good connections with all European capitals, so bringing speakers from all over the world is a very simple task. In addition, it’s cultural and leisure offer, it’s wide and varied. Undoubtedly, London is the preferred work destination to enjoy the hours between meetings

2. Madrid

Madrid is in the top ten in the world in the organization of international events and is the first destination for the meeting tourism in Spain. To all this, it would be necessary to add the great amount of options of leisure and cultural that it offers, what turns Madrid in a bleisure city of reference.

3. Barcelona

It is currently one of the most attractive cities of Europe for its climate and its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the one preferred by tourist’s bleisure. Barcelona is ready to host international events and offer attendees the best moments of disconnection thanks to its bars, its restaurants and its rich natural environment. Our business centre in Barcelona host daily all kinds of meetings.

4. Calpe

In some occasions, business trips require places isolated from the frenetic pace of the city, but that continue to guarantee all services to the workers. For this reason, Calpe, a town located in the Costa Blanca, has become an ideal destination in which to carry out work events.

5. Tokyo

Outside Europe bleisure is also practiced and Tokyo has the main requirements to position itself as one of the most important capitals  The central offices of the most important technology companies in the world are located in its streets. In addition, the city has 4 airports that receive international flights and facilitate the transfers for visitors from all over the world.

 According to the barometer of the consultancy Brain Trust, more than half of the workers who travel for work reasons decide to extend their stays making them coincide with weekend to take advantage of the displacement and learn more about the destination city In some occasions, they travel with the company of a relative or a friend so that the time dedicated to leisure is also quality time.

“Traveling and changing places revitalizes the mind”



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