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In Lexington we use an energetic model of management in all our business centers of Madrid and Barcelona in order to diminish the energetic consumption and the ecological footprint.For the time being, these are the goals of the energetic efficiency project of Lexington´s business centers:

  1. Remodeling the lighting system of the business centers
  2. Increasing the levels and quality of the lighting system
  3. Reducing the ecological footprint, avoiding the emission of 13,27 tn CO2 per year (this is equivalent to planting) 1.301 trees)

The launch of this initiative came through after a comprehensive audit of facilities, which has helped to analyze and propose different solutions, as well as developed the energetic and economical calculations necessary to make this project a reality.This plan is going to be implemented in several stages giving priority to the better energetic efficiency measures and dealing with every consumption area in the installations. The model has started to be used in the business center located in La Moraleja (Madrid) and in this first stage has been focused on 3 priority areas: lighting, hiring of the electrical supply and monitoring systems.Regarding the lighting area, the actions to be taken mean a change in favor of LED technology, apart from the installation of systems to detect the presence and separation of the lighting circuits.Furthermore, after studying the consumption pattern of the electrical optimization area during the last 12 months, the hiring parameters have been optimized according to the consumption profile in each business center. In addition, reactive systems of energetic compensation will be installed to eliminate this consumption.Finally in the energetic monitoring area, we will set up a software dispositive to control the consumption that will provide us with the opportunity of analyzing data with real values that we do not know yet.We will be informing you about this energetic efficient project regularly and, also, about our firm´s compromise with the environment.

 “Nature makes big work without waiting for any reward”

(Alexandr I. Herzen) 


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