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Most experts in management agree that encouraging human capital in your company is a key factor to achieve business success.  It is so important that big companies, such as Unilever, Danone or Pepsi, have decided to introduce several practices focused on improving work environment and intended to strengthen employees’ qualities and productivity.

But… What does really encourage your employees to give their best?

Some recent researches reveal that motivation coming from salary-increase lasts about three months. So, in spite of being one of the main motivating agents, salary-increase has become ‘basic’, along with workspace and everyday resources. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to express professional recognition to our employees, but it is not enough to stimulate them. On the other had, promotion is not always possible

Although it is true that external conditions have a notable influence, truly motivation dwells in each person and attends to different growth factors, both professionally and personally. What most workers value is to feel that they are learning and contributing to a group, and also that their efforts are being recognised and valued. Above all, they want to feel they are contributing to improve society.  In short, it is all about mutual trust between the company and the worker.

So, how can you motivate your employees? In addition to economic incentives like bonus, pensions or medical insurances, you should not forget some other motivations:

– Flexible schedules can be a strong ally when reinforcing productivity: taking our birthday as a day-off, reducing lunch-break in order to leave earlier, or extending our working schedule in the week so we do not have to work on Friday afternoons are the most regular practices.

– Make the choice of holidays easier to your workers. Parents will appreciate to be allowed to attend their children during school-holidays. Employees in general will appreciate the option of matching their holidays with couples or friends.

– Praise the employees for their achievements. This will provide them with a great satisfaction.

– Promote the creation of a good atmosphere propitiating relax, kindness and collaboration.

– Make each member of your team feel integrated and related to the company.  Check that they know products, services and objectives.

– Encourage in-company promotion with long-term policies, in order to let them know that you count on them.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford

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