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Until recently, we only saw videoconferences in science fiction movies. However, now they are quite popular in business environment. Lately, this online tool of communications has experienced a huge revolution becoming a strategic element to any kind of companies.Videoconference offers a wide variety of possibilities to companies and independent professionals, noting specially the possibility to  maintain relationships and conversations face to face with people from all over the world in an easy, fast, simple, effective and accessible way, what increase business opportunities, teamwork or growth.The main benefit from videoconference is time and travel costs savings, contributing to the well-being of workers, by reducing number of hours from extra working day for travelling that allows a better balance between work and personal life.  Also, there is an ecological benefit as travel reduction decreases energetic consumption and CO2 emission.As we see, videoconference improves the communications between clients and increases efficiency and productivity and accelerates decision-making. But not only that, this online communication tool is also used for meetings between partners and different members of the company improving work team and helping telework. Videoconference is also effective for e-learning sessions.From Lexington, we provide access to 3.500 videoconferencing rooms in about 100 countries, so if the other participant doesn’t have his own equipment, we arrange it immediately, helping you to have a successful meeting.

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