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Spain is a country with wide working hours but this commitment does not revert into a higher productivity; our country in this area is at the bottom of Europe according to the latest reports from the National Commission for the Rationalization of schedules.

One of the main causes are attributed to that most managers and entrepreneurs do not rely on the liability of its employees, controlling the hours they spent in the office, instead of measuring productivity goal compliments. In spite of efforts to give, as far as possible, the culture of attendance is estimated that in Spain the percentage of employees who enjoy telework does not reach 5%, as noted from the Marketing & Communication Adecco.

Face against the prevailing culture today in most Spanish companies, numerous studies support the flexible schedule helps workers to be happier and this improves their productivity. Additionally, workers value very positively the flexibility that benefits the balance between personal and professional life, above other factors such as productivity or the ability to avoid the rush hour jams.In this sense, some of the largest international companies like Google or Microsoft have chosen to let their employees work from home, or even adapt their schedules to personal needs such as taking children to school.

However, today, Spanish companies are still not aware of the positive aspects that flexibility at work may bring to their business such as more productivity, talent retention, loyalty.. Beyond of the part time jobs, exist some other options that could help maximize the potential from employees using strategies, remunerated flexibility, reduced working hours, telecommuting or distribution  of project work   These measures are summarized in a scheduleAware of the importance of meeting all needs and working patterns in Lexington we adapt our service to offer office rental, offices and meetings rooms, fully available and maximum schedule flexibility. All to help you achieve your business goals.


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