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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

In contrast with what most People think, in August the economy is not paralyzed. Many entrepreneurs and Business people use the summer break to move forward with their research projects, due to the urgent tasks during the rest of year. Furthermore, during the two months stand down are the best time for tourism sectors, leisure and events. In most sectors rather than paralyzed at this time, continue with normal activity during this time.

Popular proverb, “make August”, means that during this month a lot of profits can be made quickly and easily with little effort. This point has historical roots in the agriculture field not in tourism sector as August is the best moment to bring in the cereal Harvest for subsequent storage, being the main source of economic supply of farmers in the rest of the year.

In August we would like to help you to make this anonymous saying a reality by offering you during this entire month 50% discount in the rent of the meetings rooms in Madrid, with capacities that go from 4 to 60 people, in our Business Centres located in Madrid (Pso. Castellana 79; Pso. Castellana, 141; c / Orense 85, Miniparc III La Moraleja) and another one in Barcelona city (Gran Vía Carlos III, 84).

Keep in mind that Lexington has a wide offering of services and installations at your disposal to make your meetings a success: fully equipped technologic rooms, confidential reception, high Speedy Internet access via optic fibre, reprographic equipment… Lexington´s team will help you with any of your Business requirements.Lexington offers in addition a modern setting and fully equipped. We provide you with a range of additional services like projectors, plasma screens, videoconference services, flipchart, blackboards, parking space in the same building, catering services: professional breakfasts, meals and coffee-breaks in your meeting rooms, in order to give you all that you needs.

August and September do not last for eve. Popular saying.


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