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Social media have completely revolutionized networking, that is, they are nurturing the art of making contacts in business. On the other hand, even though anyone can have a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, we still pay more attention to the amount of followers a person has, than to the really important matter: how to relate to the adequate people on every circumstance.This means to be able to connect with those that really “are someone” on decision-making processes, and to be ready to keep fluid communications with them, both when sending messages and when doing active listening.

Taking all of this into account, it becomes crucial to know where and whom to ask in order to get our goals.In order to make new professional acquaintances, we can take part in networking events specifically meant for contact exchange, but we can also meet someone unexpectedly, even out of professional environments, so we must be able to establish fluid communication with anyone at everywhere. In fact, it has been proved that many business opportunities arise in airports, parties and even during vacation.We never know which doors may be opened after a casual encounter managed with kindness and affability. So, we must be bold and take advantage of any situation, no matter how small or insignificant it looks.Once you have managed to establish the first contact with someone you are interested in, do not hesitate and make him/her know the advantages of making professional acquaintance with you. And remember, put your insecurities aside and avoid making apologies “for bothering”, your interlocutor could appreciate that as a lack of confidence.

Finally, in spite of making acquaintances at a regional or national scope can be easy, it gets more complicated as we try to reach a larger range…. So, in Lexington we will be pleased to provide you with an international net of professional contacts via Locartis, the worldwide network of business centres we belong to.

“The future has many names. To the weak, it is impossible. To the faint-hearted, it is unknown. To the thoughtful and valiant, it is ideal.”

Víctor Hugo

Víctor Hugo


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