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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

We live in a technological era, and companies cannot remain outside its effects, but they must adopt it, because those which do not do it, will leave far behind the rest. Every time more and more organizations turn to different technological appliances with the objective of optimizing their resources, reaching high levels of quality and creating more effective and innovative solutions.Technological solutions have evolved from being a luxury item to become a need for companies. In order to make the most of benefit from them, it is important for each company to detect and determine, depending on its activity, its size, the kind of clients and some other factors, what type of technology it does need to become a more competitive organization.Connectivity and telephony systems are good examples of technology uses that provide an important role in the daily running of any business. As we are aware of it, from Lexington we put to your company disposal places equipped with high level technology, we offer flexible solutions which can be adapted to your business exigencies and particular needs.Through our CENTRAL TELEPHONE EXCHANGE (PBX) you will be able to make calls from your job/office thanks to professional telephones, you will be able to have your own telephone number from which our operators will attend your calls in name of your company, you will be able to maintain multiple calls and to receive voice messages in your e-mail box, too. In addition, we have the perfect IT structure for your company connectivity, like for example VPN connections, firewalls, services of remote hands, and everything without no inversion and without operating expenses.Forget about installation problems; we want it to be as easy as sitting down at your new job and connecting immediately your equipment, without any delay.

                   “Technology is not enough by itself. We must put our hearts into it!”

 (Jane Goodall) 


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