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Neglected appearance of the “masterminds” at main companies and famous start-ups can make us think that you do not need a college degree to be successful in business.This popular belief has probably grown based on the public image of some particular entrepreneurs: young men with technological expertise dress-up in sportswear and flip-flops whose companies –today highly valuated international corporations- were launched from a garage. That is the case Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, Drew Houston with Dropbox and David Karp with Tumblr.However, there is something that is not usually considered, that is, that most of these young men (founders and executives) did already possess an extensive training on business even at the very beginning of their careers. And that fact made possible for their companies to develop quickly and strongly. On the other hand, we should not disregard that usually it is not possible for an entrepreneur to have knowledge in all of the areas on the business, so they need some business training to understand the world where they want to be the best.Despite the differences among the people we previously mentioned, there is something all thee young entrepreneurs have in common, that is, their ability to adapt fast in a so unstable environment. And that is mainly thanks to the training,In order to properly manage your business, no matter how big is it, the “on-line training” has become a major tool for both updating and recycling knowledge, so you and your employees can benefit from it.Today there is an extensive offer of on-line proposals: from free webinars on general topics, to prestigious masters or specialised seminars organised by well-known colleges, schools and private institutions. In short, a huge number of proposals at your fingertips, so you can keep on with your professional and personal training.

Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.

Old Chinese proverb


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