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We have been heard so much about leadership and the qualities a boss should have to be respected, loved and admired by his employees. To be a manager requires a good deal of management skills and abilities to lead his team in order to achieve the targets set out.In fact, according to the “Randstad Employer Branding”, 66% of employees stand out confidence and honesty as the most valued aspects of a senior management, followed by 57% who think the most important is the security in making decisions.

As we can see, the employee expects to find in his manager a charismatic and an ethical person with consolidated knowledge about his business, able to motivate the team and to lead the projects.However if we go in depth, among these aspects, we might highlight the ethic quality and the empathy as key elementsOn the other hand, the report also remarks the most important motivations of employees at their workplace: 41% of the consulted employees demand flexible working hours, 39% a pleasant working atmosphere and 38% especially value the possibility to find a balance between their jobs and their personal life.

Therefore, from Business Center in Madrid, we work to offer entrepreneurs a pleasant, comfortable and motivating working environment for them and their employees. Our offices, meeting rooms and videoconference services are available with the required immediacy. In addition, we help to improve the working quality with the permanent effort of a team focused on service to clients.


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