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Is it possible to work and enjoy at Christmas time? The year is ending and you have to spend two weeks on holidays? In this time of the year, a lot of entrepreneurs and workers distrust this period of holidays, as necessary as frightened. Most people struggle among complete the resting days of holidays before the end of the year, the necessity of spending more time with the family and friends, and our duty as professionals to close all the pending activities that cannot wait to the change of year.

Moreover, for the heads of the family, it is usually a migratory period, in which it is complicated, not to say impossible, to make coincide the working holidays with the school ones. The same as happens in Easter, this period of “peace and fraternity” in which the existing lack of conciliation is in question in our country. For most of the workers, the solution to combine the work with the care of the family is to keep a week of holidays and so to be able to take charge of the kids during this period, reaching the extreme of asking for a leave of absence, with the economic loss that it supposes.

The lucky ones count on aunts, uncles or grandmas and grandpas who can take charge of the kids during the holidays. And for the practical ones, it exists the option of hiring the services of professional specialized staff to care for the children all the work day.Luckily, every time there are more companies conscious of this situation that make easier to their employees the hard task of combining the professional and the personal lives during the school holidays.

The multiple solutions go from teleworking, which allows workers keep complying their duties wherever they are, to the time flexibility compensating the reduction of the work day applied during Christmas period throughout the rest of the year. Finally, to those cases in which it is necessary to be in a concrete place during a concrete timetable, the pioneer companies offer a childcare serviceIn charge of professionals which allows the parents to visit their children during the breaks.It is worth mentioning that contributing to work conciliation in holiday periods, above all at Christmas, is appreciated in the reports about Corporative Social Responsibility (RSC) as one of the factors that contributes to create a good working climate.

If you have or not holidays during this period, from Lexington we hope you enjoy it together with the people you love… Because Christmas is cool!Merry Christmas!


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