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Summertime with its long light hours, the sun and hot weather is the best time to enjoy outdoors activities. Unfortunately this is not always possible since many of us have to continue working; the lucky ones enjoying shorter working days.Besides increasing productivity and reducing company costs by shorter working days, the most important aspect is promoting balance between personal and professional life, resulting in satisfied and motivated employees who perform better.Being a self-employee and working during summertime (at home without a fixed schedule) can be pretty hard. Because of that, Lexington dares to give you some tips to face working during July and August

  • It is important to set a fixed time to start and finish working, so you can maximise your work hours being efficient.  It is key to work hard during this specific period of time more than doing it for many hours
  • If you work from home and the whole family is on vacation, it is going to be hard to stay concentrated on your work. Lexington advises you to find right away a solution allowing you to separate free time from work hours. For this, you can come to any of our Business Centers, finding the appropriate space to work efficiently.
  • Find the time to enjoy summer, outdoor activities and your family and friends.
  • Do not remain the whole day locked in your office, go outside to breath and take a break. This easy move helps you come back to work refreshed and with new ideas. You could find in Lexington Business Centers the right environment being surrounded by green areas, easing to work during the summer

At last but not least, we would like to inform you that during August we are offering a great promotion for you: 50% discount on meeting rooms in any of our Lexington Business Centers

 “Summertime is always the best of what might be”

Charles Bowden


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