1. We customise our services according to your business’ needs
These are the new options:
Blended office [Flex space + teleworking ]

For companies in need of a system to balance teleworking and on-site working.

  • Customised spaces to make rotation and social distancing easier.
  • Book your meeting room as a complement to your office space
  • All included in one invoice
  • Flexible duration of contract
  • Prime locations in Madrid and Barcelona
Workhub [Private and customisable spaces for team redistribution ]

For companies in need of a partial relocation of their staff.

  • Ready to go in 24h
  • Optional Hot Desk
  • Different locations under the same concept and handling system
  • All included in only one invoice
  • Flexible contracts
  • Prime locations in Madrid and Barcelona
Day pass [Pay-per-use private workspaces]

For companies in need of flexible systems to rent and pay for their spaces.

  • Flexible contracts, pay daily
  • Reserved workspace
  • Book your meeting room as a complement to your office space
  • Prime locations in Madrid and Barcelona
Virtual Services [Business address + call/courier handling + common spaces available]

For companies in need of covering both their space and support needs with no initial investment.

  • Premium registered / business address
  • Calls, visitors and courier handling
  • Meeting rooms and workspaces vouchers
  • Special discounts for online registration and depending on the contract duration
Online and on-site meeting rooms [Fully equipped meeting rooms for both online and onsite events ]

For companies in need of booking safe and fully equipped meeting spaces.

  • Professional videoconferencing tools
  • Computer and recording equipment renting
  • Soundproof spaces
  • LED screens up to 82 inches
  • Ultra-fast Internet access
  • Translation services


2. Safety is a must for our workspaces

We keep a constant flow of information with our customers about every decision we make.


We are putting extra effort on our spaces’ hygiene and on assuring the safety distance, what led us to obtain the recognition identification “Guarantee Madrid” and “Safe Spaces™”.


We are implementing contactless processes so as to avoid contact as much as possible. This way, prevention and safety activities are assured for the sake of every Lexington user.

Safety and hygiene measures

With every guarantee provided by the #SafeReturnToLexington Plan

Building protocol Specific safety measures regarding informative signs, air conditioning and thermographic cameras.
Safe Seat areas Informative Safe Seats stickers have been placed on those areas that can be used, maintaining the recommended social distancing.
Disinfection areas KMZERO Disinfection points “KMZERO” for you to use as both you enter and exit our spaces.
Cleaning intensification We have stablished specific measures and procedures on cleaning and disinfection activities.
Maximum capacity reduction The maximum capacity of our spaces has been reduced and limited so as to avoid big crowds.
Visitors registration We are keeping track of every visitor so we can properly control the maximum capacity of our spaces and anticipating any consultation to be made to the Health Authorities.
Flexible schedules Flexible schedules for meeting room bookings.
Cancellations free of charge Cancellation at no cost in case of a new COVID upturn.
Safety distance Meeting rooms have been reorganised in order to maintain the recommended social distancing.
Direct access We facilitate access directly to the floor in which the meeting is being held.
Disinfection and cleaning activities After every use, we disinfect each space completely.
Safe catering Catering services are put under a stricter protocol.
We help our every user implementing a safe plan in their private office.
Hygienic kits Hygienic and disinfectant kits are available for your team’s safety.
Disinfection special procedures The one that best suits your company’s specific needs.
Disposable material We can help you get disposable material for everyday use.
Safety screens Safety screens will be available to place in your office to define each workstation.
Safety visual material We will take care of any safety visual element you may request.
Adapted reconfiguration of the space We will help you with the reconfiguration of your office to ensure social distancing within your team.

Be efficient. FLEX Beneifts

3. Now more than ever, flexible spaces are the best choice for your workplace.
We help you minimising your investment risk
  • Weekly or monthly flexible contracts
  • Ready to go spaces
  • No Capex or implantation costs
  • All general expenses and services included
  • Business address and call and courier handling also included
  • Meeting rooms voucher and unlimited access to our common areas and activities
  • No unexpected events of economic nature
  • Growth adjustment