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The answer to this question is: very varied! What does this mean? Well, it is usual for a company that has a considerable time in the market, to have a wide range of different customers. However, a company that has just been born is beginning to define how their customers will be, which represents a great challenge not only to achieve their loyalty and gain their trust, but also to know how to direct the efforts and resources of the business in the right direction.

Is essential for a CEO to know all the types of customers that can be encountered and how to treat them

In this post we will show the customer typology of a solid company:

8 types of customer according their personality

  • The Apostle

This type of client is the most faithful of the company, does not abandon, continues and persists despite the setbacks that may exist. Take care of it because it is he who can become the prescriber of your brand, since it manifests high levels of charm and long-term commitment.

  • The know-it-all

This kind of customer approaches our brand to show that he knows the market so much that any response we give to his problem could be much better. The key is to have enough confidence in our product or service that makes our sales arguments are solid and difficult to dismantle.

  • The negotiator

The negotiator may be the most demanding client, and that is not all for him: he likes to know all the whys and always try to get the best results (value for money) to feel satisfied.

  • The risky one

Like the name says, this is the type of customer that always wants to be informed of everything that is happening and bet on the company growth.

  • The undecided one

Always having solid approaches to different types of products, but not so much when it comes to taking decisions. Our assistance is key in the decision-making process.

  • The mercenary

This type of customer only cares about budges and prices. It values money above quality and loyalty.

  •  The slow-starter

Conservative and old-fashion customer. New ideas seem risky and out of place.

  •  The loyal one

Similar to the companion, shows great loyalty and respect for the company. It will always be there when its need it.

“A satisfied customer is always the best strategy of all”.

Michael LeBoeuf


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