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We continue expanding our workspaces in Madrid! We seek to create functional, innovative and totally avant-garde work environments, where our clients can work comfortably and efficiently. With this objective we have expanded our workspace in Nuevos Ministerios, located in the emblematic area of Azca, in the Paseo de la Castellana, the financial center of the city.The expansion has been based on the incorporation of new common areas, more avant-garde and innovative, as well as new areas of offices and meeting rooms, where comfort and functionality have been the keys to its design. 1,000 additional square meters that add to the 2,000 with which our business center already had.

A workspace of more than 3000 m2 in the financial heart of Madrid  

Our workspace Azca – Nuevos Ministerios is located in Paseo de la Castellana, the financial heart of the Spanish capital. It is a totally new building that has the LEED energy certification, authentication that very few buildings have in Spain.An innovative and versatile space, in which functionality and practicality are key and which has the best communications in Madrid: numerous bus and metro lines, Renfe commuter trains, as well as direct connection to the airport. The perfect enclave for international companies that need to be always connected and one of the 5 best areas to work in Madrid.Also, the Paseo de la Castellana area enjoys a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and shops to make work lunches, receive visitors from anywhere in the world and have available everything necessary for efficient and practical work.

An extension that takes us into the office of the future  

At Lexington we want to enter in the office of the future, that’s why our workspaces are far from the conventional and create inspiring environments in which to work in harmony and good atmosphere. Thus, in the expansion of our work space in Nuevos Ministerios we wanted to be faithful to this idea, designing workplaces and versatile and informal meeting areas in which avant-garde aesthetics and technological innovation bring us a little closer to the office from the future.What can we find in this new expansion?

1. Large offices 

We add new areas of offices in which the use of light and minimalist design are protagonists. With quality furniture and a feeling of total spaciousness, our new offices seek to offer maximum comfort and practicality. Corporate offices of different capacities and customized according to the needs of our clients.

2. Hot desk

For those who prioritize immediacy, we include a new Hot Desk area in which to work in a flexible and relaxed manner. With access to all our common areas and ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection!

3. Common areas 

At Lexington we take maximum care of the design of our common areas, since they are the epicenter of our business centers, where our professionals can share concerns and meet in a relaxed and natural way. Thus, we bet on an inspiring decoration and relaxing corners.

4. Meeting rooms

The new Aspen meeting room is designed to generate the best professional atmosphere in your meetings with suppliers or clients, always with an avant-garde design that follows the latest trends in decorating work spaces.

5. Training rooms 

Our Niagara room is a space of great capacity destined to the realization of formations, meetings or conferences. Configured with functional and practical furniture that can be adapted to each situation and the latest technology in work equipment.

6. Phonebooths         

Our new phonebooths guarantee the best connectivity and maximum discretion, so that nothing gets in the way of important negotiations.

7. Coffee Area     

Rest is an essential part of work and our new coffee area is designed to generate a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to rest and feel comfortable with other professionals. A modern and modern design, with functional furniture and a careful use of space.If you want to know more about the new spaces of our Nuevos Ministerios workspace, contact us and find out how you can set up your company with us. Welcome to the office of the future!


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