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Lexington office areas have now the certification of the Spanish Business Centres Association (ACN) after overcoming the rigorous audit headed and supervised by the prestigious independent firm TUV Rheiland. It is a clear proof of the compromise with the quality of the company, strengthening its leadership as the first business centre in Spain, with a history of than more 34 years. As the General Manager of Lexington says, David Vega, “Strengthening and dedication are the two words that best reflect what this project means to all of us”.The struggle against the infiltration and the necessity of professionalize this area to guarantee a quality service for the client, have lead to the ACN to activate a system of Certification and Categorization for the business centres. It is an unprecedented worldwide initiative, lead by Spain, pioneer European country in the activation of a system of requirements and standards to regulate the quality of the services and the functioning of the business centres which operate professionally.For David Vega, a certification is the best tool to professionalize the sector. Concretely, this certificate allows them to offer the client “a guarantee of the quality of the service, which helps to build a solid sector with credibility”. This is achieved offering the user a gratifying experience, becoming him the best prescriber of our services” claims the General Manager of Lexington.Around a hundred of centres, Lexington included, have participated in the elaboration of the certificate of the ACN, filling an extensive questionnaire which has allowed the certification of those business centres which collected the necessary requirements and that will be useful to the categorization basing on the different qualitative variables.In relation to the categorization, Vega explains that “It must be understood as the result of the effort of a sector which works for the improvement of those who use our services”, which means that the compromise covers the needs of the user in a professional and efficient way.Basing on a long list of parameters as, for example, the qualification of the staff, the quality of the services or aspects as the added value, the business centres will be soon classified with a similar method as the system of the stars in the hotels. In this way, the user will be able to identify easily which is the best proposal that adjusts to his expectations, improving his satisfaction.The initiative has led a great interest within the associations of business centres in a lot of countries which also consider this step as necessary to progress in the professionalization of a sector which expects an intense growth for this year. During 2015, it is expected that more than 34% of the global businesses put in place more flexible work areas as the business centres are, which offer immediate solutions to the space needs in each moment, to the detriment of the conventional rent of offices.

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