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The day has finally arrived! We are opening the new floor and we want to share it with you!We want you to know first-hand what we have created with the new 1,800m2 space we have in our workspace Castellana-Azca.

A new PREMIUM 4500m2 space

Located within number 79 of Paseo de la Castellana, in the financial heart of Madrid, our workspace Castellana-Azca with this expansion reaches a total of 4500m2 and places itself in a prime spot for companies that are looking to be at the forefront without sacrificing the flexibility of employees.Numerous bus and metro lines, Renfe trains and direct connection to the airport makes Azca one of the best places to work in the capital.


The newest generation of employees look for experiences, even within work hours, and this is exactly what we have kept in mind at Lexington when it came to designing the new floor. Want to discover everything it  has to offer?

1. Impressive common areas

It is a meeting place, an area that brings together employees who are looking for a few minutes of relaxation or an informal meeting point. Common areas and their cutting edge designs represent our innovative spirit and how we envisage the future of work.Our new floor within Lexington Castellana-Azca boasts a large “work.escape” area: sofas, bookcases, cafeteria, coworking spaces, and areas to disconnect and relieve day-to-day stress.

2. 100% CORPORATE Offices

 Corporate clientes can find ideal spaces in our new offices which boost the talents of their team. The openness of spaces and natural light are the main characteristics of these offices, which can also be 100% customised to achieve the layout and looks that each company seeks.nueva-planta-workspace-azca4

3. ORIGINAL Spaces

The way in which we work is changing and evolving towards more open and interconnected spaces, however in Lexington we also understand that sometimes privacy is needed. These Phone booths which have been installed in the newest floor of our Castellana-Azca Workspace are an ideal place to keep meetings private without have to sacrifice connectivity. 


4. Customisable MEETING ROOMS

Our spaces include rooms for all types of events, such as training days or workshops. The new floor in Castellana-Azca provides rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and adaptable to the needs of customers thanks to dividing panels and soundproofing systems.


Exercise is an ideal escape for many workers who want to recharge their batteries and return to work with maximum concentration. For this reason we have added showers to the bathrooms of the 8th floor of Lexington Castellana-Azca. Being able to influence positively in our clients habits is a must in Lexington’s philosophy and goals. 



Cutting-edge style, technology and functionality… and much more is what you can find in the new part of our Castellana-Azca Workspace and its 8th floor located in the financial heart of Madrid. Get in touch with us and start enjoying today the offices of tomorrow.Elevator to the 8th floor please!

“All the glory comes from daring to begin”

Eugene F. Ware


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