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We are celebrating! We have just inaugurated a new floor in our Cuzco Workspace, located in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, specifically in the emblematic building Cuzco IV.

This is a Workspace recognized by the category 5 stars (the maximum) by ProWorkSpaces, and has the highest quality standards, making it a benchmark in the Business Center world for its innovative design and originality.

# 1 Premium Proposal

The Cuzco Workspace is located in one of the 5 best areas of Madrid to set up a company and it is a safe bet and a Premium enclave for companies and professionals who want to feel the difference, and enjoy today from the offices of tomorrow.

Workspace Cuzco: the best option for those companies that want to make a difference and work in unique, flexible and practical spaces

# 2 New floor, more benefits

To the 1,340m2 of the current 19th floor of the Business Center Lexington Cuzco, we have just added another 700m2 of new 18th floor, which has the following features, there they go!

  • A high percentage of common areas, which together with those already installed on the 19th floor, meaning 40% of the total useful floor area. That is, you can enjoy almost 600m2 of open areas with sofas, high tables, low tables, thinking cells, as well as phone booths: spaces that emulate telephone booths and allow clients to have the privacy they need to their daily tasks.

Thus, these common areas of the Cuzco Business Center propose and respond to new ways of working, promoting networking and teamwork.

  • Avant-garde design: As well as in the 19th floor, Lexington continues with its commitment to offer space, furniture and decoration capable of motivating, increasing productivity and encouraging the creativity of all who are in this Business Center.

In this sense, the Japanese style of the sofas “common” is one of the novelties that incorporates this 18th floor. Thanks to its modular parts it will be possible to make an adaptable and comfortable use for each situation. An ideal setting for both informal meetings and moments of rest and relaxation.

  • Offices ready from the beginning: each of the offices are fully equipped, both at the level of furniture and technical means. In addition, they can host from a person to complete equipment, providing as many configurations as the companies need and allowing the creation of different environments within the same space.
  • Meeting rooms of the latest generation: on this 18th floor of the Cuzco Workspace, three new meeting rooms are now available, making a total of nine throughout the Center. Rooms of various capacities and that have the latest advances to offer the greatest facilities to the users. Spaces composed of TV, whiteboard, telephone and … Interactive screens! The latter provide the functions of a “giant tablet”, with excellent image quality, tactile use, no need for projector and infinite possibilities of interaction. Everything is cutting edge!
  • Security and technology: the new 18th floor has security systems for the maximum tranquillity of Lexington clients, as well as new online management tools for opening doors and the integration of iPads as a management element of the rooms.
  • Natural light: this is one of Lexington’s principles, and all offices are provided with natural light, something essential to increase the welfare of workers.

After this new opening, the Lexington Cuzco Workspace host a total of over 200 jobs. Nothing else!

So, if you want to know more about our Cuzco Workspace and its new 18th floor, contact us and ask us for the information you need.

“If you don’t climb the mountain, you won’t be able to enjoy the view.”

Pablo Neruda



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