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We often hear that if you cannot find a business in the Internet it does not “exist”. Even though we should not neglect offline business, companies must “exist” online and be ready to reach their target through the Internet.Online marketing is one of the main keys for business strategies, and its main channel is the Internet, which provides visibility and market opportunities.So, from Lexington we recommend, for both SME and entrepreneurs, these online marketing techniques:

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a direct-communication technique as well as an efficient way to keep your customers’ attention and encourage them to buy. Investing on emailing and planning segmented email campaigns will allow you to adapt the service to your consumers and to improve the return of investment.

2. Guest blogging

There are many ways to enhance the contents of your blog, such as the Guest Blogging, vey common among bloggers, meaning writting for a blog as a “guest”. It is a win to win for both the blog and the guest and it also helps to broadcast interesting information to our potential customers.

3. Growth hacking

This technique combines both analytics and creativity in order to rapidly increasing either the number of, users, or the revenue with a minimum cost.

4. SMarketing

This is the result of adding Sales to Marketing. It consists of bringing up together both Sales and Marketing team in order to draw the strategy for getting leads, The aim here would be to create a “new” team which will improve the quality of the leads.

5. Mobile Marketing and Apps Marketing

Users are increasingly visiting websites via smartphones, but nota ll the companies have adapted their websites so they are responsive to these devices. Investing on Mobile marketing will help you to keep your costumers and to gain many more.

The same could be said aboutt Apps Marketing. A new sales channel will increase your visibility and will get you more opportunities.

6. SEO: Search Engine OptimizationThis strategy more and more is considered, although many companies seem to think that having a good-looking website will attract many new clients. Nonetheless, they do need to invest in SEO in order to increase organic traffic to their websites.

“You don’t find customers for your products. You find products for your customers”.

Seth Godin


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