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If you are thinking of stating a new business, motivation should be a key ingredient in your strategy, so in Lexington we would like to recommend these 10 inspiring motivational movies:

Motivation is a key ingredient for any successful entrepreneur’s strategy

1. Rocky (John G. Avildsen, 1977)

The story of Rocky Balboa, written and directed by Silvester Stallone, is about a man who fights to become a heavy-wealth world champion. The movie shows how determination and hard work can lead us to success.

2. Wall Street (Oliver Stone, 1987)

This movie portrays the darkest side of the business world, focusing a Wall Strret broker called Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). The film is a warning on what we should not turn into.

3. Office Space (Mike Judge, 1999)

We recommend this one to all entrepreneurs who want to became their own bosses or those who want to make some changes so as to avoid tedium and  monotony.

4. The Pursuit of Happiness (Gabriele Muccino, 2006)

A single-dad struggles to get on with his child in spite of financial problems and how his endeavour is eventually rewarded. This story proves that we should not give up our dreams, that is the key for success.

5. The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010)

This movie is based on Mark Zuckerberg’s live during Facebook’s early years. It explains how having a big structure is not always necessary to launch a company and be successful: a good idea and a proper business- development plan are the key pieces of this story.

6. Moneyball (Bennett Miller, 2012)

Moneyball is the story of the Oakland Athletics, a baseball team which is suffering countless defeats until its coach decides to try a different approach on the problem. Sports are generally a major source of inspiration and motivation and, in this movie in particular, we learn how to change our perspective, which can be of great help in many cases.

7. Jobs (Joshua Michael Stern, 2013)

This biopic with some traces of fiction is based on Steve Jobs’ life. His inspirational management and initiative led him to the top of the list of technology geniuses of nowadays.

8. The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese, 2014)

This film tells the story of real-life character Jordan Belfort, a middle-class young man who becomes a billionaire by palying some tricks in Wall Street. It is a fine example of how ambition and excesses can mislead a successful career.

9. Dallas Buyers Club (Jean-Marc Vallée, 2014)

Woodroof is diagnosed with AIDS and the doctors tell him that he has one month left. Thanks to his brave  spirit and his desire for improvement he is able to deal with it.

10.  The intern (Nancy Meyers, 2015)

A young entrepreneur launches a successful fashion start-up, then she decides to hire an intern. So far, fso good. The thing is that the intern is 70 years old, and from that starting point the film deals with the gap between generations. Other theme in the movie would be that it is never too late to take new endeavours.

Christmas holidays is the perfect time to see one of these movies and take the opportunity to start the new year highly motivated for the new challenges to come.

“An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see problems.”

Michel Gerbe


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