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Preparation and customer acquisition are critical when starting a new business. To be successful in this scenario, it is essential to develop a solid and competitive Business Plan.

Collecting customers is the major problem when starting a business In any kind of Market

Therefore, Lexington proposes you the following business tips in order to appeal new clients and to start up your business.

1. Make deals with third parties

Establishing agreements and professional relationships with associations and business chambers can introduce you to new potential clients. By these means, they will achieve first hand knowledge of your company. On the other hand, you will build-up a consistent contact-list, which will increase and broaden your networking.

Establishing understandings with third parties is key to get new customers.

2. Invest in a solid Social Media Strategy and Be an Influencer! 

Most of your clients have already a noticeable presence in Social Media. Speak their language and attract their attention by means of exclusive social media contents.Influencers can play a key role for your company as ‘speakers’ for your brand.

3. Promotional Launch StrategiesGo for promotional marketing to spread your visibility and to activate positive reactions from customers. It will also promote loyalty and improve relations with recurrent clients.Some examples:

  • Sampling: Promote this technique so that your potential customers check your product.
  • Freemium: Offer free basic services to potential users in order to secure them in the acquisition of more elaborated services.

4. Reach Customers through your customers

 Make your current customers to be delighted and satisfied with your services, this will give you some advantage to build a good mouth-to-ear recommendation, this will help you to identify and ‘capture’ new customers.5. An exclusive work space transmit more than expectedA good perception of your brand is essential for trust to grew. Having your own space offices with a suitable corporate image will turn your meetings into pleasant and successful experiences.

Once you have reached your customers, the next step will be to achieve customer loyalty. Go for it!

“Set up a sale is important, buy to obtain the client loyalty is Vital.” 

Stan Rapp


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