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Nowadays, there are many factors that are decisive for your business to succeed. The business idea, the team or the ways of working determine the viability of your company. The location is also a key role in the success of your project, it is very important that your office is located in a strategic business area and that the connections to get there are good. Therefore, from Lexington, we tell you in this post the best areas to live and work in Madrid, so that we can make things easy for you to decide where to locate your company.

In Madrid, we can distinguish mainly four locations that are perfect for living and working: Paseo de la Castellana, Orense Street, Nuevos Ministerios and La Moraleja. All the zones are very equal and different at the same time, covering the demands of those who like the chaos of Madrid, and those who prefer the rest offered by the more residential areas. And in all of them, you can find bars, restaurants, entertainment, parks or gyms to occupy free time. In addition, the connections with public transport are ideal to reach any point of the city.

Paseo de la Castellana, the financial area of the capital

On the one hand, Paseo de la Castellana stands out for being in the financial center of Madrid and is a reference for companies that want to have a premium and representative address. In this area, strategic business points converge, in which the offices of the most relevant companies on the national and international scene stand out.

Paseo de la Castellana stands out for being in the financial center of Madrid

vivir-y-trabajar-en-Madrid_5In this way, if you consider yourself a person who likes the fast pace of the city, this is your area to live and work in Madrid. If you need a place to work, why not take a look at the Lexington Castellana business center? A workspace designed for the companies of the future.

Orense, combination of business and free time

If you are one of those who like to be up-to-date on trends or if you prefer the concept of afterwork, Orense Street is your place. The predominant landscape is made up of high buildings in which are located the best known shops and a large number of places where you can disconnect from the routine of work. In addition, this street is right next to Paseo de la Castellana, so the connection with the main financial axis is more than assured.vivir y trabajar en madrid_2If you want your business to be in this area, you have Lexington Orense, a three-story workspace designed to offer all the facilities to those who work there. With rooms of various capacities and a team of professionals who will support you in all your day-to-day tasks.

Nuevos Ministerios, The starting point for any business.

If there is an area that stands out against the others for its connectivity to any point in the city, it’s Nuevos Ministerios.Its immense underground station, which lines 6, 8 and 10 run through, is the best example of connection between all the districts of Madrid. It also has a RENFE station and direct links to Atocha Station, Chamartín and the airport, Nuevos Ministerios is one of the best areas of Madrid.At a business level, the buildings of Azca stand out for being home to large companies in the economic sector. In this part of the city, you have Lexington Nuevos Ministerios at your fingertips, a building that has LEED Energy certification and is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.vivir-y-trabajar-en-Madrid_6

La Moraleja, disconnection and business,

Finally, La Moraleja is an area that stands out for combining fabulous residential areas with large business parks, allowing work and family reconciliation.Many are the companies that have decided to locate their headquarters here have done so in order to offer better quality of life to the employees, since the workspaces in this area are constructed with green areas and lots of natural light in mind.  In this area of Madrid, you can locate your place of work in the Workspace La Moraleja; the companies located there have ample spaces, are noise-free and have an unbeatable environment.vivir-y-trabajar-en-Madrid_8So, if you decide to locate your business in one of these four areas, Lexington can offer you the most innovative business centres, where you can rent spaces according to the needs of your company. Which one do you choose?


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