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You feel safe. You are obtaining good results in your work, you take on responsibilities, and you are a proactive person… Ultimately, you are in a good moment of your professional career but you have to ask something to your boss. You prepare it in advance, you practice, but you fail…it sounds familiar…isn’t it? This situation usually happens in the companies and the common mistake is that we haven’t chosen the right moment to negotiate.

In case that the petition entails any cost to your boss, a promotion, a salary increase, etc. You have to prepare and practice a good speech, but it is especially important to choose the right moment to present it:

  • Choose a day your boss is in a good mood. It is shown that when people are happy, they are more open and receptive to accept proposals that in another moment they would reject.
  • Another key moment is after a triumph. This point is related to the previous one, because after achieving a target, especially those which are more important or which suppose a big victory, the managers tend to listen more positively the requests of their employees.
  • You can take advantage after doing an extra effort, for instance, if you have gotten a difficult client, if you have worked extra hours to finish an important project, etc. The bosses usually value this work, so it can be an ideal moment to present your request.
  • In case of change in the company, you have to be careful and value the situation individually. If it is a fusion or reorganization, it can be a good moment because the company is going to change to a better position.  Moreover, it will have more resources so if your request goes in that direction it could be well considered. On the opposite, if it is a negative situation for the company, it is not a good moment to present any request.

In the end, in addition to take into account other relevant aspects to deal with this situation, as to emphasize your qualities and achievements to make him/her see you are an effective and productive employee and an essential part of the company, you must choose the best moment to negotiate your request. The good or bad election of this moment could be decisive to receive an affirmative answer, as a prize for your work. After all, if you receive it, it is not only good for you because you achieve your aim, but also for your company because you will be more motivated to do you work successfully and effectively.

To be prepared is important, to know how to wait even more, but to take advantage of the moment is the key, Arthur Schnitzler


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