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Offering training for workers is a highly valued aspect in companies that seek to make a difference within the market. Believing in the necessary regeneration of knowledge is synonymous with having a business DNA linked to success. In  this sense, implementing the use of new information technologies and promoting shared knowledge among employees are two basic apects to place a company at the forefront.

Thus collaborative learning is a clear evolution of teaching methods  focused on boosting collective effort to the detriment of individual goals. ¿Do you want to discover all the advantages of collaborative learning? Read the following lines carefully.

¿What is collaborative learning?

Learning collaboratively is an innovative teaching method, focused on responding to the most demanding managers. These techniques are base don the exchange of knowledge and encourage interaction among the most demanding managers promoting the common search for individual and staff improvement. Employees learn from peers while shearing various points of view and looking for solutions to the posible situations they face.

Collaborative learning drives the common search for individual and staff improvement

In this way, the projects of the companies, take a borader aspect and offer a richer prespective in knowledge, since several people contribute their ideas and points of view. Likewise, the tasks are distributed among the team,achieving the objectives more quickly and efficiently.As a result, with the collaborative learning, workers take advantage of the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

The collaborative learning benefits for your company

Thanks to the collaborative learning, workers share knowledge and share ideas and experiences to achieve the company´s objectives. Below  we list the advantages of using this technique:

1. Use technology at the service of knowledge sharing.

2. Responsability of each worker at the individual level and within the work group.

3. Development of interpersonal skills by establishing continuos communication with other colleagues.

4. Group cohesión, as a result of the work of the entire company.

5. Boosts positive interdependence, thanks to the fact that all employees depend on everyone  and occupy the same range of importance.

6. Acceptance of criticism and impulse to the analysis of one´s behavior.

7. Improves employee self – esteem because they feel part of the company.

8. Stregthnes individual autonomy within the team, since each person should be responsible for some tasks and for fullfilment of objectives.

9. Promotes communication among all workers and this fact, makes it easier for them to meet and benefit from the virtuies of their colleagues.

10. The information is taken in not as individuals, but as a group, what translates into each worker providing the project with their own perspective as a way to enrich the original idea even more.

Workers share knowledge and ideas and experiences to achieve the company´s objectives

Differences between collaborative and cooperative learning

We can find an obvious difference between cooperative and collaborative learning within a  company. Collaborative learning is, by definition, a kind of cooperative work where there is coordination, but no planification nor interaction among the team. However, cooperative learning must be very well coordinated from within, there must be thorough planification and a high level of interaction.

Regarding tasks, there is another differentiating factor worth mentioning. Cooperative learning requires a clear division of tasks, where all of them will be accomplished before putting them together and implementing their result towards the primary goals that were set beforehand. With a collaborative learning method, on the other hand, responsibility is shared, so the process becomes more important than the task itself. This way, the team gains knowledge form one another.

Workspaces to motivate collaborative learning

Sharing knowledge is vital for our growth, both individually and as a company. Nonetheless, the space also plays an essential role motivating and making that collaborative learning possible.

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“The best that can be shared is knowledge.”

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