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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

The whole country is now involved in the promotion of solidarity campaigns against the COVID-19. Now more than ever we must show our commitment and solidarity with our society. It is not just about you and me anymore, it is about us.

Here you may find some of the movements that have been put under way these past few weeks in our country:

Now more than ever, let’s #fighttogether!

TOP 8 of the key initiatives against COVID-19

All these actions are born with the main goal of easing the situation this pandemic has brought to our home. And for all these, our collaboration is essential.

↠ #Yomecorono 

The medical and research teams from the Foundation Fights Against the AIDS, IrisCaixa and the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, are all working together so as to find solutions against COVID-19. As right now, they are all leading the way to a ground- breaking clinical trial that aims to stop the virus transmission and to prevent further infections among the infected-person’s inner-circle. Moreover, the team is focused on developing antiviral drugs and the long- desired vaccine.


The Red Cross and the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Emergencies together have decided to launch a campaign to promote solidarity among neighbours, especially among those who are more vulnerable given the circumstances of solitary confinement. Using the motto #yohagoporti (#Illdoitforyou), both organisations encourage the neighbours to become active participants within their immediate environment to help the ill, the elderly and the people with mobility problems. We could go grocery shopping for them, go to the pharmacy to get their medicine, take care of them or pay attention just in case they need something else. In the end, it is time to help those in need, making our neighbourhood the greatest support for them.


This campaign is being promoted by the investment fund for start-ups Samaipata, who was born just three weeks ago with the idea of merging technology and solidarity together. Its mains goal is to create a platform in which many different companies and technology entrepreneurs would participate, so as to put their experience and knowledge about technology and data analysis at the service of the whole health community. All in a disinterested and solidity manner. Many enterprises have already come on board: Geomiq, who brings a digital platform that brings both engineers  and medical equipment manufacturers together so as to produce enough equipment and ventilators; Carto, developers of an app that allows an evaluation of the medical condition of its users, even twice a day depending on their symptoms; or Olocip, working on new mathematical models in order to forecast the evolution of the virus, making it possible to help in advance. The #StopCoronaChallenge encourages all those technology entrepreneurs and professionals to propose their own projects and initiatives in the battle against coronavirus.

↠ #SomosUno (#Weareone)

The Spanish influencer Dulceida, alongside with her wife Alba Paul, have both launched this campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Vall d´Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. This crowdfunding campaign wants to raise funds to support the coronavirus investigation and assistance. The Spanish influencer uses her popularity in social media to raise awareness among her followers of the importance of donating to both Madrid hospitals, where we find the largest amount of positive cases, and also to the University Hospital in Vall d´Hebrón, whose efforts are focused on the investigation of the coronavirus.The Spanish influencer has already shared the links where you can go and donate.

#LaSolidaridadEsContagiosa (#SolidarityIsContagious)

The restoration group Viena Capellanes in Madrid is also hosting some charity actions in this difficult time for all.

On one hand, it provides food to all those children whose families receive the integration minimum income and now cannot attend the charity canteens. On the other hand, they have put up a free food truck where they serve beverages, coffee, fruit and snacks for the medical staff and security forces who are working at the field hospital that has been built these past few weeks in the famous enclosure in the city, IFEMA.

From the General Management of the firm, they are encouraging everyone to contribute through their website: “we need everybody’s involvement to carry on”, committing then to create a transparent and honest memoir of every contributor once this situation has passed.


The professionals from “Cultura Maker”, whose motto has always been “do it youself”, have become essential during this health crisis. Thousands of volunteers are the #CoronaVirusMakers, and all these “makers” in Spain work together through Telegram to make masks, ventilators or booths to bring them to the local hospitals, health centres, clinics or senior centres. This way, they make their contribution against this pandemic.

If you are willing to become a “maker”, contact them directly through telegram.

#AguaparaHospitalesCOVID19 (#WaterForHospitalsCOVID19)

AUARA company is also hosting a charity crowdfunding campaign to support their activity delivering free water bottles to all the hospitals throughout the country who are in need during their fight against COVID19. To the date, more than 65,000 water bottles have already been delivered in Madrid, Cataluña and Castilla y León. Nonetheless, they are asking for our help to extend the activity to many more hospitals among every Autonomous Region in Spain. For each euro invested, 5 litres are covered.

↠ #AportoMiGranito (#IdoMyBit)

Another charity challenge, the 100k challenge, but this time it has been launched by a Marketing Management student, alongside with some of his teachers and some local companies who have sponsored the project. This fundraising is for the health staff to have the appropriate measures and equipment to work as safely as possible.

The challenge is taking place through Instagram: people would tag each other so they, besides taking the challenge, must to contribute with at least 5€ to the big common cause too.

You can participate with your Instagram account and join the challenge!

We are positive this list will continue growing and growing. Comment below and share your favourite or some other initiative against COVID-19!

One is invisible, together we are unbeatable!


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