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Today, we are not tied to our office or pc. The smartphones and their apps have given us a great freedom to work everywhere. We only need Wi-Fi and nothing else to work. This freedom is accompanied by a huge amount of information and possibilities that sometimes, could be overwhelming and difficult to organize.

Here in Lexington, where we bet for flexible workspaces, we bring you today the best apps for a CEO who’s always on the move. Unify your actions and your content, keep yourself in touch with your company, go through your data and results without getting lost among a forest of emails, phone calls and documents, and plan your meetings as efficiently as possible. In short, manage your business properly.

Digital tools for a CEO: download and control your company wherever you are

1.Evernote. With this free app, an idea, a piece of new or a document won’t be lost. You can take oral or written notes, capture images and search by key words in your annotations. Moreover, it is cross-platform, use it in your cell phone, tablet or pc; you’ll find everything thanks to its system of synchronization.

2.Feedly. The tool to keep track on your interests, all in one app. You will be able to visit many different websites, all in one place. Besides, Feedly will allow you to divide the sites you are interested in, or the blogs you follow and put them into folders by topic, and synchronize it all among the devices you use every day. It’s a total must!

3.Tempo. Mark all your meetings and inevitable social events in tempo, through voice memo and text without the need to enter any application. Tempo allows the use of a colloquial language with high reliability; it fixes all the dates without mistakes. You can see the agenda by days, have access to your meetings and look up the contacts you’re going to meet. Moreover it’s free!

4.Dropbox, Google Drive or any other system of storage in the cloud. You can have access from any device and from any place to all your key documentation and contacts of your company. Essential to supply last-minute oblivions and not going charged with papers everywhere!

5.Password. This app is in charge of generate and memorize exclusive encrypted and long passwords, for every account you wish: social networks, credit cards and applications such as Skype. Never again you won’t have to click on your screen your passwords. Breathe easier; if people looks at you, they are looking at you, they are not looking what you are clicking on your phone.

6.Fintonic: Sometimes, keeping track of our expenses while traveling or in a meeting is quite difficult, isn’t it? With this must-have app, any CEO will be able to control every movement on their bank accounts at a glance. No need to go from one bank app to another back app, because you will be able to unify all of your accounts in one place.

7.Expensify. Are you tired of being charged with tickets and receipts every time you travel? With this app, forget the papers! It captures the image of the receipts, it registers the time and kilometres of your business trips and moreover, it generates an expense report.

8.Todoist. You manage and prioritize all your tasks and projects with this application. It is simple, easy-to-use and highly effective. It allows you to organize better your life prioritizing your most important projects and actions. With its easy design you’ll be able to see all your tasks and their completion dates.

9.Calm: A CEO needs, in many occasions, to stop, breath and then answer that email. Because of this, Calm is essential; you will be able to carry an app with you that helps you meditate, relax and disconnect for a few minutes. It will be your best ally in times of crisis.

Carry an app that helps you relax in those moments of crisis

The amount of applications for businessmen is huge. There is always one that complements or improves any of your tasks but, at the end, we fall in a maelstrom of uploads and installations of apps and its correspondent register data that we end crazy. Bet for apps such as the ones mentioned above, that coordinate actions and at the same time would allow you not to worry about papers and passwords but allow you to focus on the most important thing: your work.

 “Discipline is the most important part of success”

Truman Capote


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