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Books to read and give this Saint Jordi

The most recent surveys carried out by the CIS (Spanish Centre for Sociologic Research) show that people read less and less in Spain, where 65% of population assure they never or hardly ever read. However, the arrival of Book Day every year, with its fairs and literary events, gives a new boost to this sector, which can be proud of generating nothing less than 0,7% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the State coffers. These figures place book sale as the most important cultural industry of our country.If you are among those who find it hard to read because they don’t have enough time or interest, the celebration of Book Day and Saint Jordi in Catalonia can be the perfect excuse to give or be given any of the best selling books about the business world. Here you are a selection of the winners and finalist of IV Know Square Awards as the Best Enterprise Books 2014, titles you can’t miss to reach business success.

The Zero Marginal Cost Society. Jeremy Rifkin.

The development of new energy forms and communications systems has generated more efficient management models, which let the implementation of a horizontal economy model where the marginal cost is reduced to zero for all the society members.  This means a new economical paradigm in which access becomes important against property and conventional markets lose their position in favour of internet. In this context, we have to point out the role of the “prosumer”, who produces, consumes and shares goods and services, reorganizing the traditional capitalist economic model creating a collaborative common good.

Shackleton’s Compass. Jesús Alcoba.

The book analyzes the keys of the English Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton’s leadership, a man who succeed at crossing the Antarctica on foot with his crew, getting back home safely after two years of expedition in extreme conditions. This story was such a success that has become a case study at international business schools like an epic management model.

Decisive. Dan & Chip Heath.

Considered as the main northamerican disseminators about change management and decision making, Heath brothers compile the main theories and studies about how cognitive biases affect the costumer’s rational decision making. They also suggest a method to minimize the weight of these biases when it comes time to decide.

Hatching  Twitter. Nick Bilton.

The journalist of The New York Times, Nick Bilton, explains in a misterious way the process of creation and development of one of the main social networks nowadays after a hard researching process. Bilton unveils the story of treason, intrigue and ambition and the secrets of the power struggles hidden behind this corporate giant’s friendly side.

Neuroeconomy. Pedro Bermejo.

The neurologist Pedro Bermejo reveals the new competitive and ethic challenges generated with the theorizing and implementation of the neuroeconomy, an independent discipline based on the application of neurobiology to marketing and management of organisations.                                                                                                                                                                                                  He who reads much and walks much, goes far and knows much.  Miguel de Cervantes

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