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Are you tired of doing the same thing every day of every month of every year? Do you feel stuck at work, unproductive and unmotivated? Worry no more! What you need to do is escape work routine. Here you’ll find top tips to escape (bad) work routine, as well as everything we know about how routines can affect our lives. Knowledge is power!

Tips to escape work routine: what is it?

Routine is usually perceived as something negative, right? Getting up early, arriving home late, meeting, monotony… Even though having a clear work routine can have its advantages when it comes to planning tasks and productivity, to having all under control. But there is a thin line between that positive routine and the burnout.

Even though having a clear work routine can have its advantages when it comes to planning tasks and productivity, there is a thin line between that positive routine and burnout.

That’s why knowing some tips on how to escape that work routine that slows us and all its characteristics is essential.

How can work routine affect our lives?

Both positive and negative routines can change our lives on a daily basis. A lot, actually.

While a comfortable and clear routine can help us relax, saving time and maintaining things under control, if this routine disturbs our motivation because each day is the exact same as the day before, as in “Groundhog Day”, all those benefits may go away.

While a comfortable and clear routine can really help us, if it disturbs our motivation at some point, all those benefits go away.

A monotonous and discouraging work routing can also change our lives, even at a personal level. Having a heavy routine will deteriorate productivity, freeze creativity, making getting out of bed or checking the mail harder and harder every day. Feeling unmotivated at work will unmotivated us out of the office too. Losing our free time or hobbies is something we cannot afford.

Is work routine bad?

Is routine bad? It may and may not be. It always depends on each individual, and knowing ourselves, what motivates us and what burns us out, is basic to build a healthy work routine.

Once it is all clear, realising something is off will be way easier. Then, working against it, reorganising and crating new habits is on our hands. A brand-new routine can turn all those bad aspects upside down.

Advantages of escaping work routine

Your current work routine burns you out? You cannot find enough reasons to go to the office every morning? Stop there!

Breaking with your work routine has many benefits, but one among all: getting out of the comfort zone can improve double your happiness, no less! That little effort to forget that “not in the mood today”, believe us, with pay up!

You can’t find enough reasons to go to the office every morning? Stop there! Create new habits during your work day and enjoy all it has to give!

Of course, breaking up with the routine and getting out of the office from time to time has many benefits: better productivity, brighter creativity, stronger attention and a boost for your energy… the list is endless!

Tips to escape work routine

The question is, what can we do to break up with routine and monotony? No worries! Here you have some tips to inspire you in and outside the office.


It’s your and only you who has the power to break monotony. Forget all those “I don’t feel like it” and “maybe tomorrow” and start saying “yes” to afterwork plans, going to the movies or to that class you’ve always wanted to take.


Challenge yourself every week to keep it interesting! IF you don’t know how to cope up with everything, there are some apps that can help you manage! This way, each week can be different!


Home office has made take your mind off thing much harder. Hybrid work will be your best ally against a monotonous work routine: stay home some days a week and go back to the office some others. This way you’ll give yourself a change of scene while you work. Give a boost to your productivity, motivation and creativity!

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Spend more time on your office’s social areas such as coffee points or breakout environments. Enjoy your time there and take some time off, gather with the team and promote networking!

Common areas promote networking, creativity and teamwork!


During your free time, het out of the office, move a little, breath fresh air and recharge! Your bod and your mind will appreciate it.


This is the only thing you should not change, bedtime routines! Experts recommend establishing a schedule to go to bed and to get up every day. If it’s hard for you to maintain it, take notes and set up an alarm! Check out this article for more advice on your sleeping ritual. A must!

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”

Paul Coelho


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