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Maintaining your team’s motivation and commitment is crucial for success, isn’t it, business leaders? Among the various techniques that can make a difference, gamification becomes one of the favorites.

What exactly are gamification techniques and how can they transform the work dynamics? Discover in our new article how this technique not only rewards but also keeps teams involved and inspired like never before.

What is gamification in companies?

Imagine that every time you finish a task at your job, you receive a reward. Wouldn’t you feel even more motivated to complete the next one?

That’s what gamification in companies is all about—integrating game elements into non-game activities, all with the aim of achieving specific goals.

Even if you’re not familiar with this term, it’s true that it’s a technique that has been in practice for many years. Many companies offer rewards, ranking systems, or levels to their employees in different contexts. However, in the current digital era, we see how the gamification technique has evolved, successfully digitizing many processes.

Later on, we’ll see in more detail what the best gamification techniques and strategies are. But first, keep reading because we’ll talk about its many benefits! ✨


Benefits of gamification in the corporate environment

What makes gamification technique so special is that it boosts corporate wellness, makes the team feel like part of the team, and identify with the company. And that’s not all! It also brings other benefits worth mentioning. Do you want to know what they are?

Increased productivity

A happy team also means a productive team. 90% of employees believe that gamification is a good technique for fostering motivation and participation at work. Furthermore, this dynamic allows employees to identify areas for improvement thanks to immediate feedback through rewards.

Reduced stress

Gamification manages to reduce stress by turning monotonous or repetitive tasks into interactive tasks with built-in gaming elements.

Encourages teamwork

The gamification technique allows for the creation of collaborative activities that motivate employees to collaborate, communicate, and achieve shared goals.

Promotes creativity

Thanks to rewards and recognition, gamification encourages employees to seek new ways to tackle challenges and improve their results.

Best gamification techniques and strategies

Now let’s check out if this strategy actually works! What gamification techniques do large companies implement? Let’s look at some examples:

Technique 1: Correo’s successful case (Spanish postal service)

Objective: To renew its website.

Gamification technique: Instead of hiring a company for this task, it challenged its own employees to review the website, thus applying gamification within its workforce.

Reward: Locating flaws and making improvement proposals for the website within a 13-day period in exchange for prizes and gifts, such as a tablet, a keychain, etc.

👉🏼 Why is the case of Correos a clear example of success? Because it allowed the company to save around 70% of the costs.

Technique 2: Google’s successful case

Objective: To motivate its workers.

Gamification technique: Dedicate 80% of the workday to actual work, while the remaining 20% focuses on fostering creativity and games.

Reward: Offer a relaxed space that allows workers to disconnect and recharge during their workday.

👉🏼 Why is the case of Google a clear example of success? Greater employee motivation and commitment. A productivity that is reflected in their results.

Technique 3: BBVA’s successful case

Objective: Attracting customers.

Gamification technique: Creating a game that involved accumulating points.

Reward: Points could be redeemed for gifts each time a user used the platform.

👉🏼 Why is the case of BBVA a clear example of success? Because it managed to attract and retain new customers.


Measurement and control of progress

Visibility of achievements

Maintaining visibility of the achievements reached is crucial to sustain the momentum and motivation of employees in gamification. Using recognition boards or digital platforms to highlight individual and team achievements helps reinforce the sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Sharing information in meetings

Meetings are an opportunity to share progress and results achieved through gamification. But would you like to do something even more special? We’ll give you an idea! Why not organize a meeting or corporate event where employees are rewarded? Like the Dundies Awards, but even better. 😉 If space is a concern, we have the solution: rent one of Lexington’s meeting rooms, events, or training spaces by the hour in the best locations in Madrid and Barcelona. Fill out this form to learn more ⬇️

With these gamification techniques on the table, you are more than ready to transform the dynamics of your company. Gamification can not only boost productivity and commitment but also foster a culture of collaborative, positive, and fun work. Do you have everything ready to take the next step? 🚀


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