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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Having a good working environment helps employees to be more productive, focus their ideas and work with major dedication and attention. If (unfortunately) you think that you do not work in a pleasant and stimulating workspace, pay attention to the following keys and make it starts to be … now!

1. Choose the ideal office

Working in a relaxed, pleasant and adaptable environment is not easy, but necessary … as it will promote the rapid fulfillment of the goals of your business.

2. Ergonomics in your office

To work efficiently and productively, you must look at the ergonomics in your office – it is essential not only to be more comfortable and avoid having pain and / or health problems, but also to increase concentration and efficiency in your work. So, you know… go for the ergonomics!

3. Break… always, please!

We love the breaks! Go for them, even if they are short. Thus, your body and mind will be able to disconnect and your business performance will increase, try it!

4. Manage the internal crises

As a good business leader, you must be able to manage any kind of crisis happening in your company, as well as redirect the behavior of your employees and always work for the good of them and the business.

5. Respect, trust and sincerity

You must keep in mind these three values (and burned on your mind if necessary) so that the work environment and the relationships between the coworkers are as healthy as possible. Make them participants, give them the opportunity to be responsible for their own tasks and give them the confidence to work according to their criteria. In this way, you will make your creativity flow more naturally and they work inspired constantly.

At Lexington we offer a variety of common areas that help increase the productivity, the teamwork and networking

Generally, the most successful companies have the most innovative, and these usually have optimal environments, work spaces, flexible and adaptable to their employees. Precisely this is what we offer in each of our workspaces in Madrid and Barcelona: a wide variety of common areas that help foster creativity, productivity, teamwork and networking, and allow employees to relax, have fun Or make more informal meetings, dare to meet them!

“The most productive work is the one that comes out of a contented person”

Victor Pauchet


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