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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

One of the keys to companies is entrepreneurial spirit of the employees, so that the creativity flows naturally in their work routine and they obtain their objectives easier. With this aim, the role of the company as a promoter of an innovative climate becomes essential.

Attend to this test of business innovation and discover if your company is innovative enough … 3, 2 1 … go ahead!

1. New projects are presented to each employee …

a) In a mere meeting (1 point)

b) Through a dynamic presentation (2 points)

c) Through a document via mail (0.5 points)

2. Which of these activities are usually done ‘outside the company’?

a) Corporate dinners (1 point)

b) We did not perform any activity (0.5 points)

c) Excursions / teambuildings or afterworks (2 points)

3. Your coworkers…

a) They are participative and are involved in everything (2 points)

b) Are not involved in anything (1 point)

c) None of the above (0.5 points)

4. Do you think that your office encourages creativity and innovation…?

a) No, it is in an old and not very motivating building (0.5 points)

b) Yes, furniture, lighting and colours motivate and inspire (2 points)

c) It is located in an ideal place but the interior is not very inspiring (1 point)

5. The computer tools I work with on a daily basis …

a) They are almost obsolete (0.5 points)

b) They are to the last (2 points)

c) They should be renewed more assiduously (1 point)

6. Are there training within the company?

a) No, I have never received any training in my company (0.5 points)

b) Yes, every week we attend a training (2 points)

c) Yes, but few times a year (1 point)

7. In your work, do you bear in mind competition?

a) No, we follow our own objectives (0.5 points)

b) Yes, we are always aware of what they do (2 points)

c) We do not go deep enough (1 point)

8. Your superiors avoid risky behaviour on an ongoing basis

a) Yes, they are rather conformist (0.5 points)

b) No, they always say that all risk can be a great opportunity (2 points)

c) They risk but not greatly (1 point)

9. Your company …

a) Is always looking for new opportunities (2 points)

b) It has been doing the same since I work here (0.5 points)

c) It takes advantage to the opportunities when they come, but do not search for them (1 point)

10. What do you think is the presence of your company on the Internet?

a) Very high (2 points)

b) Low (1 point)

c) None (0.5 points)


Have you already answered? Well, now you have to sum the points and check the results here ⇣ ⇣  lucky!

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs


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