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New technologies have enabled us to improve and make our tasks easier, above all in our working environment. In this regard, the videoconferences have supposed a revolution in the world of business, because it lets you have meetings and presentations being thousands of kilometres away without any problem, quite the contrary: they allow you to optimize resources and the amount of time.

 The best 5 tools which are used nowadays to do videoconferences

  1. Skype: It is the market leader in calls via the Internet and group video calls because it has an excellent audio and video quality. Moreover, the video calls are free and support almost every device and operating systems: Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Kindle Fire, Smart TV, etc. It allows you to send files of every kind, to call phones and cell phones and activate it from Outlook.
  2. Google Hangouts: it is so advantageous because it is boosted by all the Google tools and applications. It is very fast, and it has great stability, powerful servers and can be executed in almost every platform. It allows multiple and free videoconferences, till 12 users at the same time. Moreover, it can work in collaboration with Google Docs. You can share your screen, files and notes, and also chat simultaneously.
  3. Meeting Burner: It is a videoconference server which offers you the possibility to record audio, to share your screen and allows a simultaneous connection up to ten users. Besides, it can be executed in the navigator of every device and has a statistical monitoring system to check the activity of the participants.
  4. It is a tool to handle meetings by videoconference which uses Skype’s engine for the video transmission. It also allows you to create events in the agenda to call the participants up to a meeting, to edit documents, to share your notes and files, manage agendas, etc. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with Dropbox, schedule and social networks services, and it is available for IOS and Android.
  5. TinyChat: This tool acts as a room for video chat, though the aspect which is really important and distinguishing is that it allows the integration with the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, which is perfect to interact with the followers of our brand. Besides, twelve people can participate simultaneously, at the same time they chat.

In Lexington business centres we have a videoconferencing service for our clients able to connect with four different places at the same time by RSDI or IP. Moreover, you can do presentations simultaneously with the SVGA-PAL converter, so you will be perfectly prepared for your meeting or presentation.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t said”, Peter Drucker

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