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Social distancing is now a necessity more than anything else. For sure, some companies are having a bad time trying to achieve such standards because, sometimes or in some departments, holding classical in-person meetings is essential when they want to discuss certain matters within the team, for example. The safety of everybody attending must be assured at all costs, of course.

Does this sound familiar in your company? Do you need to hold a meeting with your team and you’re still wondering how to do so in the safest way possible?

Clearly, there is a whole world in between a face-to-face meeting and a virtual one.

Videoconferencing has been our best ally this past year. However, there is clearly a whole world in between a face-to-face meeting and a virtual one. This is why some companies are already going for personal meetings from time to time.

Coming back to the office or to our coworking space is something that has to happen, eventually, while safety is still a fundamental issue. So, can we do it without any risk? The answer is a big YES. Booking meeting rooms for hours seems to be the perfect solution! Especially those with a thoroughly contrasted safety protocol.

↠ Meeting rooms for rent by the hour in Madrid

Booking meeting rooms by the hour in Madrid may be the final solution for those companies who want to ensure their team’s safety in corporate meetings.

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Let us introduce this formula of renting office spaces and meeting rooms to you then. We are sure you’ll find the advantages we present you very interesting, indeed!

  • Economic saving: when renting a meeting space by the hour, you’ll only pay for the time you actually use the space. For example, if you have a meeting that is going to take a couple of hours, there is no need for you to pay for the whole day, not even for half day.
  • Safety: meeting rooms are sanitized and disinfected in between meetings, so the people attending can have total confidence.

Booking meeting rooms by the hour:  an effective, efficient and low-cost formula to hold your meetings.

Besides, booking meeting rooms by the hour are the most effective, efficient and low-cost formula to hold your meetings. These spaces are usually fully equipped with everything you may need, so you don’t have to rent equipment outside or hire extra services. All this would be included in the price, or at least available without third-parties involved.

↠ Our meeting rooms by the hour in Madrid.

Our meeting rooms by the hour in Madrid are just what you are looking for! Perfect for your conferences and events. Many years in the business have taught us that a meeting space answering your specific requirements, one that you can book for as much or little time as you’d like, is exactly what you need!

In Lexington, you’ll find meeting rooms in every size, premium locations and every extra service you could possibly need for your events and encounters. Think of a little space to meet with suppliers, clients, training areas, or even recording spaces! Every corner is thought following your demands, whatever they might be!

↠ Hybrid event rooms in Madrid

What’s more, if you want to organize an event in times of coronavirus, what we call the hybrid formula, our meeting rooms are perfectly equipped and ready to go. Combine the physical space with virtual attendance through any platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams and so on! You’ll have 3 UHD big screens for you, a video conferencing PTZ monitored camera and microphones available for the most successful of the events!

And don’t forget: every meeting room in Lexington keeps to the hygiene and safety measures recommended, so your corporate events are safe and ideal.

“Alone we can do little, together we can do much.” 

 Helen Keller.


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