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A few decades ago, entrepreneurs did not imagine that one day could hold a meeting with its partners in Australia, Japan and Madagascar in real time. Today, it is possible to eliminate these borders through the technique of videoconferencing, which allows to hold meeting fully effective and productive from anywhere.

With videoconferencing borders are eliminated, since its use allows to hold meetings anytime and anywhere

Use videoconference to hold meetings improve operational organization of companies that operate in different countries, allowing them to recreate a very similar conventional framework meeting. All the stakeholders may exchange their positions as if they were physically in the same room.

An optimal meeting can be the key to attract new customers, make a sale or build a proper corporate image. However, in many cases it cannot be done effectively for reasons of time, costs or unexpected events that you prevent arrive on time. In this sense, to take advantage of the opportunities offered by videoconferences is essential to keep your business.

From Lexington we list you the four advantages that will convince you to hold meetings by videoconference:

1. It reduces traveling time and expenses:

It eliminates the traveling time and expenses just with one click. In this way, you will help to increase productivity and efficiency of the different teams.

2. It promotes connection between work teams:

Hold meetings by videoconference allows workers in different offices to be part of “a whole” anytime. Thus, each employee will feel like part of the group, despite the distance.

3. It increases efficiency and productivity:

By having the chance to hold meetings anytime and anywhere, decision making of all parties involve is much more direct, quick and agile.

4. Teleworking possibilities:

Videoconferencing promotes balance between working and personal life, since you can hold a meeting wherever you are with the necessary equipment.

Having a quality videoconferencing service to hold meetings with different offices and / or customers is a key aspect to the success of your business

In Lexington we know that having a quality videoconferencing service is a key aspect of the success of your business, and therefore we offer the service to our customers, providing access to 3,500 videoconferencing studios in approximately 100 countries, so that if the caller does not have his own team, we will manage it immediately.

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy”.

Richard Stallman


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