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Did you know that books can be a refuge during days of stress at work? If you’re still unsure, this article will help you change your mind and, at best, it could inspire you to start your next reading. 📚


What is work-related-stress?

Stress at work, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is the response a person has when the demands of the job exceed their capabilities, skills, or resources to cope with them. This type of stress can manifest physically, emotionally, or in behavior.

Not so long ago, mental health was a taboo subject and work-related stress went unnoticed in many workplaces. However, nowadays, there is an awareness of the importance of mental health, and it is recognized that work-related stress is one of the main causes of mental disorders among workers. Amidst this “silent epidemic,” reading has become a refuge for many people. More than just an escape from daily work routines, books offer an opportunity to manage and reflect on our behavior and emotions.

We haven’t chosen the following readings by pure chance. These five titles have served as a tool for us to overcome work-related stress and, above all, to know how to prevent it. Let’s see what they’re about!

La gestión del estrés laboral, AfforHealth

This AfforHealth guide presents itself as an essential tool for understanding and effectively managing stress in the workplace. It offers a comprehensive approach that covers everything from identifying triggering factors to practical prevention and management strategies.

Why do we recommend it?

Practical approach

It provides specific techniques and advice that can be easily implemented in daily work life.


Backed by current research and studies.


Written in clear and accessible language, making it very easy to read.

Valoración del estrés archivos - Lettera Publicaciones


The power of now, Eckhart Tolle

This book guides us towards a profound understanding of our true nature and our relationship with the present. Through mindfulness practices, Tolle invites us to free ourselves from suffering by fully living in the now. Understanding how we can release ourselves from the pressures of the present can help us manage work-related stress.

Why do we recommend it?

Transformative approach

It can transform our perception of reality, helping us break free from anxiety and stress by learning to live in the present moment.

Conceptual clarity

Tolle presents profound ideas in an accessible and understandable way.


Despite its spiritual foundation, Tolle’s teachings are universal and can be applied by people of all beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

El Poder Del Ahora Una Guía Para La Iluminación Espiritual - Español (Perenne)

Nada es tan terrible, Rafael Santandreu

In Nada es tan terrible, Rafael Santandreu reminds us that being imperfect humans is part of our condition and teaches us to accept ourselves and others. This book can help us maintain a more positive approach in our daily work life.

Why do we recommend it?

Positive approach

Stands out for its optimistic approach, offering practical tools to cultivate a healthier and happier mindset.


Written in a clear and straightforward style, making it easy to understand and apply in everyday life.

Humanistic perspective

Santandreu celebrates imperfection and promotes self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Nada es tan terrible: La filosofía de los más fuertes y felices (Psicología)


The overthinking cure, Nick Trenton

Do you want to escape from the negative mood that work produces? This book offers a scientific approach to completely transform our thought patterns, especially those that trap us in loops of negativity.

Why do we recommend it?

Scientific foundations

It stands out for its basis in cognitive science and psychology, offering methods backed by research to address overthinking.

Practical approach

It presents specific techniques and exercises that can be easily applied in daily life.


Regardless of your background or specific circumstances, this book will have an explanation for you.

The Overthinking Cure: How to Stay in the Present, Shake Negativity, and Stop Your Stress and Anxiety (The Path to Calm)


Atomic habits, James Clear

Atomic habits, for the present-day worker, has become the ultimate guide that delves into how even the smallest changes in our daily behavior can have a significant impact on the quality of our work, but above all, our lives.

Why do we recommend it?

Practical approach

Clear presents clear advice that can be easily applied in daily life.

Holistic perspective

It addresses various aspects of life, from productivity to health and emotional intelligence.

Inspiring and motivating

As soon as you finish reading it, you’ll want to implement all those tips immediately.

Hábitos atómicos: Cambios pequeños, resultados extraordinarios (Autoconocimiento)

Movies and documentaries about stress at work

If the recommended readings don’t fully convince you and you prefer audiovisual content, here’s a selection of movies and documentaries that address work-related stress with originality and humor.

🔔 Spoiler alert: They’ll hook you in!

The Office (American version)

This comedy series offers a lighthearted look at the office environment, exploring work-related stress, corporate culture, and interpersonal relationships with plenty of humor and originality.

Up in the air

This movie follows a human resources consultant who constantly travels, showcasing the challenges of modern work and how work-related stress can affect our lives. Ideal for viewing the contemporary work world with a touch of humor.

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (documentary)

Follows the famous life coach Tony Robbins during one of his live events, exploring how he helps people overcome emotional obstacles and find success in their professional and personal lives. If you’re looking for inspiration and unique perspectives on personal and professional growth, this is the documentary for you.

We hope our recommendations have been helpful and that work-related stress no longer dominates your life. At the end of the day, it’s not worth letting work-related stress be the center of our existence, but books certainly deserve to be! 😉

Workspaces to reduce stress

While books can be a way to escape, we can also consider how to improve our work situation. What if we leave behind the traditional office model and opt for a more flexible one instead? Working in flexible spaces will give you the opportunity to take a breather and approach work in a more positive way.

If you choose to work in the coworking spaces of Lexington in Barcelona or Madrid, don’t hesitate to ask us for all the information you need. Just fill out this form and we’ll clarify your doubts! ⬇️


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