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Nuria Nieva

The world we are living in is everyday more connected to the technologies, regarding this we can gain access to all the information we want looking up on internet.This easy access to the technologies can make the levels of concentration at work  very challenging. Calls, messages, e mails and a lot of communications are interrupting us and making our mind disperse for a few seconds.

“Concentration is a factor closely linked to productivity “

Some people get to come back to their tasks at work very easy after the interruptions. Others are able to not lose the attention. In any case during the 8 hours journey is very easy that your concentration becomes lower.

5 techniques to know how to concentrate at work

If you are reading this is because you know that a higher level of concentration will help you to improve your effectivity.  Keep an eye on these 5 techniques that will make your concentration at work a reality.

1. Focus in the present

In most of the cases the lack of concentration could be due to the stress at work. If you stop and think of all the tasks that you have to do during the day, the week or the month, don’t be surprise if you are not able to get concentrate in your job and be excellent at it.The first technique of how to keep your attention is being able to focus in the present.¿How?  To get it you can use, for example, a short mindfulness exercise. During 60 seconds try to concentrate only in your breath. If you lose the concentration then try again, and again, until you are able to stay focus for a full minute. With this exercise that is very easy your mind will be able to focus in the present and your concentration will improve.

2. Rest

It is very important to take at least a 5 minutes break every hour; you can do it either with the mindfulness technique or talking with a coworker.It is very difficult to be able to stay focus if you are in front of a computer during long hours , so let yourself a few minutes break and realize how after you are back everything will be easier.

3. Be organise

To be organise at work is the clue to be able to stay focus. It is very easy to lose the concentration if you don’t know very well what to do. So one of the techniques to not lose it, is to know exactly what to do in every moment.  Also it is very important to organise your tasks regarding the priority. This last advice will help you to reduce the stress and, be more focus.


4. Hold something in your hands

 Like a small ball, a pencil, or any other light object will help your mind to let the energies goes. So choose one and have it always with you. It can make easier to be concentrate in a phone call.

5. Exercise

 Once your journey is finish, the best thing to do in order to disconnect from work is doing exercise or going out for a walk outside. Some studies show that expending some hours outside doing exercise and breath fresh air help to recharge the batteries for the next journey.


“To reduce the infinite to the finite, the unattainable to the humanly real,there is only one way, the concentration”

Théophile Gautier


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