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How to prevent work stress is something that those more susceptible and fragile employees look for since day one. When someone goes into an endless loop of professional unrest and insecurities, it is possible to suffer severe tensions, exhaustion or anxiety which mixed together may result in a prejudicial work stress.

According to the National Institute Of Satatistics, 59% of employees suffer from some kind of work stress

In this regard, it is important to have some relevant data in mind according to the National Institute of Statistics, such as: Stress is the reason behind 30% of sick leaves in Spain and 59% of employees suffer from some kind of stress at work along their lives.

5 tips to prevent work stress

So, if you are one of those who are (easily) overwhelmed when workload increases considerably in your company at a certain time, write down these tips to know how to prevent work stress and… be 100% ready!

1. Take regular breaks

Taking breaks from time to time will help you to get out of work routine and come back at full capacity. Check out these 6 tips to get out of work routine and become more efficient and productive.

2. Organize your workspace

Working in a nice environment helps you to increase you concentration and productivity because if your workpsace is a complete mess, how is it possible not to be stressed? Organize it just like you want it and the way you feel more comfortable as you are the one who will be there day by day, so…. you choose!

3. Delegating sometimes is the key!

Learn to delegate tasks that not only depend on you, start to get rid of responsibilities which can be assumed by other colleagues: this will make that this “extra work” does not interfere with your routine and keep stress far from you.

4. Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize.

Make weekly lists with the tasks you have to carry out and organize them in order of importance. Prioritizing is the basis for everything! It is better to do little but fine than a lot and badly, don’t you think so?

5. Your time needs organization

Organization above all! It is important that unexpected events do not schedule your day and to distinguish urgent from important because you are the one who should schedule your time. If you need it, you can use apps to help you to organize your work and manage it in the most efficient way.

 “In times of stress, be bold and valiant”



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